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What the father and son were going to do next was visit Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu.

Lu Yaode thought to himself,Back then, my parents didnt agree with my and Tianxins relationship.

But Tianqing is so outstanding now and has married a very good man, while Tianci looks dignified at first glance.

How can they not like the two children Old people dont mean what they say.

Well just visit them a few more times.

The next day, the father and son went to the Lu familys mansion early in the morning.

In the Lu familys mansion.

The mansion, which was usually slightly deserted, was very lively in the past two days.

Da Bao and Gun Gun had spend the weekend here.

They only left when Su Bei returned.

In the past two days, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu seemed to have been revitalized.

The two of them were no longer dizzy, their legs were light, and they were energetic.

Gun Gun was obedient and sensible, while Da Baos IQ was so high that the two elders could not close their gaping mouths.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu could sit there and watch Da Bao solve questions for the entire day without stopping.

Previously, they had thought that Da Baos personality was a little cold and he was not considerate enough.

But who among the elderly did not like smart children

Especially Old Master Lu.

He twirled his beard and nodded repeatedly.

“His IQ is even higher than mine back then.”


If Lu Tianci had come a little earlier, he mightve had some hope.

After all, the two elders had been lonely for a long time and needed the company of juniors.

Unfortunately, they happened to drop by just as Da Bao and Gun Gun were leaving.

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian left one after another.

Old Master Lu was still sitting on the sofa, reminiscing about their interaction.

He felt even more satisfied with Su Bei.

Old Madam Lu also lamented, “The student surpasses the master.

Our two grandchildren have a bright future ahead of them.”

“They have the grace of my youth,” Old Master Lu said with satisfaction.

“Speaking of which, Su Bei is quite good-looking.

Thats why Gun Gun and Da Bao are so cute.”

As they spoke, the butler came to report, “Old Master, that young master has returned with the young master.”

“What young master Tell me his name.” Old Master Lu did not understand.

In this family, the eldest young master had always been Lu Heting while the second young master was Lu Weijian.

The two little masters were naturally Da Bao and Gun Gun.

But back then, Lu Yaode was addressed as Young Master.

The butler had been in the Lu family for a long time, so when he saw Lu Yaode, he did not know if he should address him as Young Master.

Hence, the way he addressed him was a little messy.

Only then did the butler say, “Young Master Lu Yaode has returned with his son, Lu Tianci.

He said that he wants to visit the two of you.”

Hearing the name Lu Yaode, Old Madam Lu was stunned.

After all, he was her son.

How could her heart not soften

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years had passed.

The mother and son had been separated for so many years.

It would be a lie to say that she didnt think about him.

It was just that the presence of other children had weakened her longing.

When Old Master Lu heard that the unfilial son had returned, he snorted angrily.

“Who told him to come back Were not dead yet, so we dont need him to visit us.

Go back and ask him to leave the same way he left back then.

He doesnt need to come back anymore.”


The butler was also one of the people who knew the details of that year.

When he heard this, he bowed in agreement.

Old Madam Lu quickly said, “Dont go yet.”

Old Master Lu was furious.

“What do you mean Go over there and tell him not to come anymore!”

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