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Lu Yaode thought of Han Qingwan, Lu Hetings biological mother and the real Mrs.

Lu of the Lu family.

She was a woman who looked soft on the outside but was strong on the inside.

She was capable.

It was precisely because of this that she did not go easy on him.

As the young master of the Lu family back then, it was impossible for him to be subservient to her.

That was what caused their relationship to break.

After he met the gentle, understanding, and good-looking Tian Xin, he quickly fell for her.

Even though he had a wife and children at home, how could a strong-headed wife and a son who did not know how to please him compare to Tian Xin, who was in the entertainment industry

The scales in his heart quickly tipped so that there was no longer any fairness.

However, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were very traditional people.

After knowing this, they insisted on forcing him to break up with Tian Xin.

Not only did Tian Xin not look for him and cry, but she even gently persuaded him to return to his family.

She was also willing to give up the child in her stomach.

He had already heard that Tian Xin was pregnant.

How could Lu Yaode leave her

He failed to negotiate with Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu.

He did not hesitate to have a falling out with them before proceeding to take away half of his assets and personnel to a foreign country.

Old Master Lu was so angry that he wanted to sever ties with him and even forbade him from stepping into the market of S Country for 25 years.

Thinking of this, Lu Yaode was proud of his actions back then.

As a man, he gave everything up for true love.

As a father, he and Tian Xin raised a pair of outstanding children, Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci.

This made him not regret what happened back then at all.


“Dad, they all say that Lu Heting is very capable.

I wonder what precautions he has taken this time,” Lu Tianci said.

He had specially inquired about Lu Heting in T Country.

In the eyes of outsiders, Lu Heting was very mysterious, but in his heart, Lu Heting was not scary.

Every time Lu Yaode mentioned him, he would just saythat little thief.

Therefore, Lu Tianci had never been afraid of Lu Heting.

Sure enough, Lu Yaode snorted.

“The real powerful person in the Lu family is the old man, your grandfather.

Han Qingwan is quite capable.

As for Lu Heting… hes just so-so.

All these years, the old man and Han Qingwan have probably been giving all the credit to that thief.”

He had long disliked his overly cold son.

Besides, they had not seen each other since Lu Heting was three years old.

He did not know much about Lu Heting.

He also firmly believed that Lu Heting would not be of much help to Lu Groups current development.

He had a deep impression of Lu Heting.

He always seemed to look at him coldly and indifferently as if he could see through everything.

He was only a three-year-old!

This made him dislike his biological son to no end.

Hearing Lu Yaodes words, Lu Tianci was even more relieved.

As long as Lu Heting was easy to deal with, it was only a matter of time before he took down Lu Group.

As for Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu, no matter how much they disliked Lu Yaode and Tian Xin, could they really hate their own grandchildren

Lu Tianci was obedient and good at pleasing his elders.

He had always been confident about this.

As soon as Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci got off the plane, a convoy came to pick them up and send them to the villa that they had already bought.

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