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However, Lu Heting quickly defended them.

“They only listen to you now and dont care what I say.”

“Then how did you know about my flight time”

Su Bei took a look at the nanny van.

Lu Heting had picked her up at the right timing.

Lu Heting took out his phone and waved it in front of her.

“You contacted me from the taxi application I registered.”

Su Bei suddenly realized that she had booked Lu Hetings car countless times before.

When she just returned from America, she would take this taxi every time.

Lu Heting didnt intend to hide it from her anymore.

He smiled and said, “I registered a taxi application and created a running program.

As long as you booked a taxi, the order will come to me.”

Therefore, whenever Su Bei booked a taxi to pick her up, Lu Heting would quickly receive the news.


He had to spoil her little surprise.

After all, he simply couldnt bring himself to reject his wife on the phone.

So all the coincidences in the first place had been skillfully planned by him.

Lu Heting rubbed the woman who had rolled into his arms, and his eyebrows relaxed like a spring breeze.

Su Bei rebuked, “Cant I have some privacy”

Although she said that, sweetness gushed in her heart.

She knew that Lu Heting had premeditated some of these matters, but he had always respected her in other matters.

“No.” Lu Hetings eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse.

Su Bei met his gaze and followed it down.

She saw that her coat was half-exposed.

Besides, she had carefully selected the nightdress inside.

She had the urge to pounce onto the man immediately.

There was indeed no privacy left…

Su Bei was originally wearing mens clothes, so when the exquisite lacey nightdress was revealed, she looked especially stunning.

The man moved closer and leaned over.

His voice was low and charming.

“Now, can I open my surprise”

When Su Bei returned, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun also came back.

Accompanying them were Lu Tianci and Lu Yaode.

The father and son had been coveting everything in S Country for a long time.

This time, they could not wait to take advantage of Mrs.

Lus imprisonment.

Lu Yaode looked at the vast land of S Country, his eyes reflecting everything on this land.

His gaze was filled with determination.

“Dad, were finally back,” Lu Tianci said excitedly.


“Its time for us to be back.

Back then, I promised your grandfather that I wouldnt set foot in S Country for 25 years.

Now that the time is up, I dont feel any guilt toward anyone.” Lu Yaode was relieved.

Back then, he cut off ties with his family in a fit of anger for a beauty and ignored his wife and children.

All his thoughts were on Lu Tiancis mother, Tian Xin.

Now, he was finally back with the son he had given birth to with his beloved wife.

Everything in Lu Group should no longer be controlled by Lu Heting alone.

Lu Tianci should have a share of everything!

In fact, he didnt even have any feelings for Lu Heting.

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