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When she reached Camilan, his eyes followed her as if he had something to tell her.

However, he did not say anything in the end.

Su Bei found it a little strange.

She could sense that Camilan cared about her and adored her like an elder.

However, when they chatted, he wouldnt say much.

‘Maybe he wants to avoid arousing suspicion.

After all, it was thanks to the lounges surveillance cameras that the crisis was resolved.

If there really were scandals, it would not be good for anyone.

After the wrap party, Su Bei and Xiao Bai took the plane back.

Su Bei deliberately told Lu Heting that her flight was two hours later.

It was because she wanted to surprise him.

Hence, she went straight to his office to wait for him.

Su Bei had already changed into her new nightdress.

She put on a mans long woolen coat, a baseball cap, and jeans.

The weather in S Country was not as hot as in T Country, and it was still chilly.

This outfit was just right.


If not for Lu Hetings permission and help, Su Bei would not have been able to film so smoothly.

In particular, she didnt know that it was the territory of Lu Hetings irresponsible father until she arrived in T Country.

Only then did she understand that he needed to overcome a lot of his own psychological burden to agree to let her shoot there.

Su Bei remembered all this and understood the compromise he had made because of her.

“Xiao Bai, after you get off the plane, take a taxi home.

Ill take my own car back.”

“Will you be okay going alone”

“Of course, theres no problem.

Besides, weve announced to the public that our flight is two hours later.

Im sure no reporters or paparazzi will be waiting for me this early.”

Xiao Bai nodded excitedly.

She had been out for a long time and wanted to go home.

She was naturally happy to be given a break by Su Bei.

After getting off the plane, Xiao Bai and Su Bei split up.

However, Su Bei did not expect that there would be quite a lot of reporters present.

Fortunately, she had asked Qiao Mei to inform the fan club ahead of time so that the fans would not come to welcome her.

Otherwise, there would be many more people present.

Recently, Su Bei had been in the limelight, so the reporters and paparazzi came early to ambush her.

When Su Bei was with Xiao Bai, her long hair was let down, and she looked completely like a woman.

After Xiao Bai left, she put on the coat.

The coat could be worn on both sides, and the colors on both sides were completely different.

Then, she tied her hair up and put on another cap.

Even Xiao Bai probably wouldnt recognize Su Bei.

Under the gazes of the reporters and paparazzi, Su Bei strode through the crowd and quickly got into the car she had arranged for earlier.

“To Lu Group,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

The driver in the front seat turned around, and the mans face could be seen clearly.

He looked at her lovingly.

“Hubby!” Su Bei was pleasantly surprised.

“Why are you here”

Lu Heting got out of the car, opened the door, and got into the backseat.

He called the driver over to drive.


Su Bei was happy to see him for a while, but then she felt a little disappointed.

“I was going to go to your office and surprise you.

Because of this, I specifically asked my bodyguards not to tell you my whereabouts.

It seems that your bodyguards dont listen to me very much.”

The bodyguards were in different cars, but they could feel a chill on their backs.

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