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Everyones mouths slowly opened wide.

It was no surprise that they looked as if they hadnt seen much of the world.

Unfortunately, the female actresses in this production werent hailed as great beauties, including Su Beis character, the second female role of a lawyer, and the third female role as a police officer.

They usually wore sloppy clothes or uniforms that made them look strong.

Especially Su Bei.

Was there ever a day when she did not arrive wearing dark foundation

Today, she suddenly revealed her original appearance.

It was just like she was using a beauty filter!

The impact was a little too great, making it difficult for the others to breathe!

“Sister Su Bei, you were finally willing to put on makeup today.

You look much better after putting on makeup.” Juliet was the fourth female lead who was also the one Robin had introduced.

She was supposed to be the female lead, but she was reduced to a fourth lead role.

She was convinced by Su Beis acting skills, but she still had a little pride in her heart.

On the surface, she was praising Su Bei, but in fact, she was hinting that Su Bei was relying on makeup to improve her complexion.

Actually, what she said was not wrong.

Female celebrities had to cake on makeup and face harsh lighting every day.

Many of them did not have good skin, so there would be a stark contrast in their complexions from when they put on exquisite makeup and when they were bare faced.

When they did not have any makeup on, it was inevitable that they would not look as beautiful.

Seeing that Su Bei was shockingly beautiful, Juliet subconsciously felt that Su Bei had specially dolled herself up today.

When everyone heard this, they all looked at Su Beis makeup seriously.

God, her makeup was so exquisite that it was indeed enviable.


Xiao Bai was still panting.

“Su Bei doesnt have any makeup on.

We came over after taking a shower because we were afraid of being late.

Su Bei has no makeup on now.”

When she said that, everyone remembered that artists with a little fame were usually accompanied at all times by at least one assistant and a stylist.

Su Bei had been in the production team for so long, but everyone only saw newbies following her around.

She got her makeup done by the makeup artists from the production team, and that was only during filming hours.

She had no private makeup artist at all.

“Woot woot…” The men howled.

When they looked at Su Bei, their eyes turned green.

How did they manage to face such a beautiful lady before this All of them were had even said she was ordinary

At this moment, they wished they could take a few more glances to make up for all the losses they had suffered.

The woman from earlier stared at Su Bei covetously and said, “Sister Su Bei, sit with me.”

“Theres a seat here too.”

They all wanted to know how Su Bei did her skincare.

They had been filming in T Country for so long.

They were exposed to strong sunrays and a high concentration of ultraviolet light.

Many of their skin color had darkened by a shade.

On the other hand, Su Bei was simply a walking luminescent figure.

Not only was she not tanned, but she looked pale.

Su Bei casually found a seat and sat down to chat with everyone.

Xiao Bai thought to herself,No wonder Su Bei had to wear dark foundation at all times.

If she met these people with her original appearance from the beginning, would they be able to finish filming a week earlier They might not even be able to finish filming a week later than the expected date!

Only Juliet had embarrassed herself.

She had wanted to take advantage of the situation using her words, but she only became a stepping stone for Su Bei.

She could only look down and eat without interest.

Like the other actors, Su Bei toasted the creators with a glass of water.

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