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Su Bei was also eager to go home.

In the past few months of filming, she had only been back twice.

The duration of each stay was particularly short.

Lu Heting, on the other hand, came often.

However, her time with Da Bao and Gun Gun was too short.

She could not wait to see her two sons.

“The wrap party is tonight.

Everyones air tickets are booked for tomorrow!” Robin reminded them.

“No problem.

You must come and have a good meal with the crew tonight.”

“Can I have seafood Ive been craving seafood for a long time, but I just dont dare eat too much.

I was afraid Id have stomach problems and itd delay my work.”

“Hahaha, Ill be full tonight.”

Although the staff wanted to go back early, it didnt matter if they just stayed for another day or two.

Everyone went to talk about food.

At night, Su Bei finally relaxed.

She changed her clothes and appeared in front of everyone.


During the entire filming process, she appeared on set with a foundation that was two shades darker than her skin color.

Every time, she wore the same clothes as in the movie.

The clothes were the casual and comfortable kind.

It had been a long time since she revealed her true appearance.

In fact, this was why many people didnt like her at all in the beginning.

She looked so good in photos online but looked ordinary in person.

There were a few artists in the entertainment industry that belonged to such a category.

They were very photogenic.

On camera, their facial features looked exquisite and beautiful.

However, in real life, these celebrities gave the impression that one would have difficulty spotting them in a crowd.

Therefore, Su Bei had given everyone the impression that her good figure and beautiful face were all the work of good PR.

In truth, she was just an ordinary person.

Although she relied on her acting skills and popularity in the later stages, once everyones impression of her was formed, it would be very difficult to change it.

The wrap party that night.

Everyone was busy ordering food.

They held cold drinks and chatted about work now that it was over.

“I think were two people short”

“Su Bei and Xiao Bai havent come yet.

Everyone else is here.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Su Bei hasnt come yet.

Speaking of Su Bei, did you see the two movies released in T Country Su Beis acting skills are really good.”

“I didnt watch them before this, but I saw them on the computer this time.

My God, my impression of her has completely changed.

Her acting skills are amazing.”

Everyone chatted casually until two more people appeared beside them.

Only then did everyone turn back to take a closer look.

As Su Bei and Xiao Bai did not stay in the same hotel as everyone else, they came a little late after taking a shower.

When everyone turned around, they were stunned.

Who was this tall beauty who could casually wear a white shirt and look so charming

The person beside her was Xiao Bai.

Was she Su Bei


Everyone quickly recognized her after looking at her facial features.

Who else could it be but Su Bei

She was wearing a large white shirt that casually hung on her body, making her look natural and elegant.

It made her look even more slender and tall.

The hem of her shirt was casually tucked into her shorts.

Her straight and slender legs were revealed.

Her skin was fair and translucent, completely at odds with the strong sunshine and sultry heat here.

Her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

This was a million-dollar portrait that had come to life!

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