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Su Bei did not expect to get such an opportunity through a scandal.

When Qiao Mei called to congratulate her, she was still in a daze.

“The movies are aired here just like that”

“The other party is very fast.

They cant wait to take advantage of your popularity to earn money.

Speaking of which, although there arent as many people in T Country as in S Country, the box office sales here are usually quite good.

After all, the weather is hot and everyone likes to go to the movie theaters to enjoy the air conditioner to avoid the heat.

Therefore, your two movies will do quite well when the time comes.” Qiao Mei sighed and said, “Recently, there have been many businesses in T Country looking for you to endorse their brands.

You know, Manager Li is going to hire a translator for me.”

Su Bei imagined that Qiao Meis workload would indeed be quite heavy recently.

“I was going to wait for you to stabilize in two years before we took the international route.

Now, it seems that this process is going to be brought forward.” Qiao Mei was very emotional.

She had led many artists, but there were indeed not many who were as lucky as Su Bei.

She put down the phone and thought for a moment.

Her rationality returned, and she knew that this could not be done by luck alone.

After all, once a scandal was exposed, the artist had to react quickly enough to break out of the situation and turn defeat into victory.

More importantly, Su Bei had existing works that she could show off.

She also needed to have the ability to let others see her potential.

Only then could she use the scandal as an opportunity to start a cooperation between the two countries.

Because of this, Su Bei unexpectedly received an endorsement deal for the repellant ointment brand.

Actually, this ointment was considered traditional medicine in S Country.

It was developed using an ancient method and was well-known.

It was simply a must-have ointment to keep at home.

Almost everyone had a bottle of it.

Moreover, they had never needed a spokesperson, but the sales were always very stable.

However, because this ointment was currently expanding overseas, it was very important to have a dazzling spokesperson.

This could help them quickly penetrate the market overseas.

After this incident, Su Bei successfully caught the attention of businesses.

“This commercial is going to be easy.

Theres nothing fancy about it.

And the brand has a very good reputation.

The quality is stable, so Ill take it for you.” Qiao Mei beamed.

“I dont need you to do much publicity.

You just have to bask in the glory of this ointment and become famous in other countries.”

Alright, the scandal had given Su Bei such good benefits that it made Su Bei want to find the paparazzi who filmed the scene and thank them properly.

When Sheng Xiaotang found out about this, she gritted her teeth in anger.

Even her own staff members were sighing at Su Beis good luck, but she had no choice but to swallow her anger.

Su Bei had also successfully finished filming her scenes in T Country.

The first half of the shoot was bumpy, while the second half of the shoot simply saw an advancement by leaps and bounds.

Even Robin was convinced by Su Bei and couldnt find any fault with her.

Naturally, the speed continued to rise like a rocket.

Initially, everyone thought that they would have to stay in this hot and stuffy place for a longer time.

When they suddenly heard the assistant director shout, “Su Beis scenes are all done.

The entire crew can wrap up work,” they were momentarily stunned.

“So were wrapping up seven days early”

The staff, who stood in a daze for some time, came to their senses and let out cheers and laughter.

“We can go home!”

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