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When there was a hot topic, people would naturally track it down and pay attention to it.

This was the law of capital in the entire world.

According to the polls in T Country, everyones acceptance and favorability of Su Bei were very high.

In addition, S Country was currently establishing a friendly cooperative relationship with T Country.

Those with business acumen in T Country quickly applied to import Su Beis first two movies into the local movie theaters.

Two Phoenixes had Lu Groups investment.

Boxer was He Xuyans personal movie.

Lu Heting waved his hand and agreed.

He Xuyan agreed without much thought.

Just like that, Su Beis two movies made it to the movie theaters of T Country!

One shouldnt underestimate the release of two movies.

Over the years, movies from S Country rarely went out of the country.

The entire international market was dominated by the United States and promoted American culture on a large scale around the world.

It was rare for movies from S Country to go out and be scrutinized.

It was also rare for them to have a chance to enter the theaters of other countries.

A real public release would spread the thoughts and culture of their own country.

This time, Su Bei appeared in two movies at once.

It was very meaningful and groundbreaking!

Sheng Xiaotang was speechless.

She really wanted to ask if it was too late for regrets.

Why would a scandal about Su Bei be such a blessing in disguise

Lu Tianci was especially angry about this matter.

He held his broken left hand and threw everything on the table.

“I havent even broken into the S Countrys market, and Lu Heting has already broken into T Countrys market” He supported himself with one hand on the table, his face filled with disbelief.

It was because Lu Yaode had brought a large sum of money as well as several talents from Lu Group to T Country to develop.

T Country had always been their private territory.

Lu Group was neither disdainful nor willing to develop here, so the two sides had always maintained a balance that could not be exposed.

It was not easy for them to wait for Mrs.

Lu to go to jail.

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci planned to attack S Countrys market in one fell swoop.

However, before they could make any progress, Lu Group quickly seized T Countrys market with a movie and an artist.

In a battle between two armies, morale was the most important.

The first person to win could be far ahead in confidence.

That was why Lu Tianci had personally caused trouble for Su Bei, a small celebrity.

In the end, he didnt succeed, and Lu Heting even beat him to it!

How could he not be angry!

Lu Tianci said coldly, “Lets speed up the progress of our movie.

When the time comes, we must release it at the same time in T Country and S Country to seize the market!”

Wish, which starred Sheng Xiaotang, had been a chip for him to enter S Countrys market from the beginning.

However, he did not expect that he was still a step too late.

Sheng Xiaotang looked at Lu Tianci and didnt dare to mention that Su Beis success had something to do with her.

She didnt expect any of this herself.

“Ill speed up the progress, Mr.

Lu.” Sheng Xiaotang took out her phone and deleted everything about Su Bei, pretending as if it had nothing to do with her.

Fortunately, when she sent the content to the media outlets back then, she had used an anonymous account.

She was not greedy for the money given by the media outlets, so after she sent the video and photos, she disappeared.

As she had a backup plan, she would not end up offending Lu Tianci.

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