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The movie Mother became popular before it was even aired and had a place among the vast number of fans.

When Su Bei called Lu Heting, he was walking out of the staff office while surrounded by a cold aura.

The others all followed in trepidation, unsure how to smooth things over.

Everyone silently lamented that todays work would probably be difficult.

When Lu Hetings phone rang, the higher-ups stopped in their tracks.

They didnt dare to follow too close, but they didnt dare to stay too far away either.

However, everyone saw that the moment Mr.

Lu took out his phone, the cold aura on his body slowly dissipated.

‘What kind of magical call is that

‘Just how magical was the person on the other end

Su Bei told Lu Heting what had happened.

“Im already planning to get the surveillance footage.

I remember you telling me that there are surveillance cameras in the hotel lounge.

Ill send the footage to Sister Mei after I get it.

Itll be fine soon.”

“Ive gotten the footage.”

“How did you do it so quickly”

“After the incident, Director Camilan called me to clarify things.

I asked him to retrieve the surveillance footage.

If Im not mistaken, the surveillance footage should be at the top of the trending searches now,” Lu Heting explained.

Su Bei really admired him.

He would always think of her and was able to come up with a solution faster than others.

His IQ was always top-notch, and his solutions were always great.

“Lu Heting, fortunately, youre my husband.”

“Huh” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows.

“How terrible it would be if you were my enemy.”

He laughed softly.


Su Bei heard his laughter coming from the phone.

His mellow voice had a hint of electricity, and it immediately soothed her ears.

The senior executives looked at each other.

Although they didnt know who Lu Heting was talking to on the phone, they knew that the crisis had passed.

From the looks of it, Lu Heting seemed to be smiling.

Lu Heting wasnt good at smiling, so they nearly forgot that he could smile.

“Im guessing its Little Master.” Someone gave him a look.

Another senior executive who knew about Gun Gun suddenly understood.

“I guess so too.”

“Only the little master can ease Mr.

Lus emotions so quickly.”

Everyone communicated with their eyes without batting an eyelid.

They wondered who the little masters mother was.

After the matter was settled and when Su Bei went to the set, everyone saw that the trending topic wasSu Bei #S Countrys Products Promotion Ambassador.

This trending topic reached T Country.

Moreover, according to the rumors, all the shops in T Country that sold the ointment had all run out of stock.

Many shops and pharmacies throughout T Country were considering importing the ointment.

For a moment, she didnt know what to say.

Sheng Xiaotang did not expect this outcome.

Firstly, she had not thought about the surveillance cameras at all.

Secondly, she did not expect Su Bei to be in a normal relationship with Camilan.

She never thought that Su Bei would become so popular because of this matter.

The people from T Country looked similar to the people from S Country, but they were slightly different.

Everyones aesthetics were the same.

Previously, they didnt know about Su Bei.

This time, they followed the trending searches and saw all kinds of photos of Su Bei.

All of them were shocked and joined the fandom immediately.

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