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Things were getting noisy.

The public was more concerned about the news of romantic scandals.

Even if there was no news, they would still gossip about it.

This time, there was even a video.

When Su Bei woke up in the morning, she was bombarded by various WeChat messages and private messages.

Her lips twitched.

She really didnt expect the paparazzi to be so pervasive.

Just a glance at the messages had given her a real headache.

Qiao Mei called.

“Su Bei, whats going on”

“Thats what happened.” Su Bei explained the situation to Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei also frowned.

“Someone captured such a small matter Pay more attention to your surroundings.

Ill deal with this as soon as possible.”

Su Bei said, “Let me see if there are any surveillance cameras in the lounge.

If there are surveillance cameras, at least the footage can prove that the handshake theyre suspecting is just me handing him a bottle of ointment.”

“Okay, Ill explain it to the fans first.”

Su Bei thought about it and decided to tell Lu Heting.

Even so, she knew he would definitely not believe these discussions.

Naturally, many people gossiped about Su Bei.

Some of the employees in the lower levels, in particular, enjoyed such things.

Moreover, this matter involved Di Xing Media Company.

“Our company invested in the film this time.

Does Su Bei really not take this investment seriously Shes with the director now”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Things havent even started yet,” a young female employee said.

“I realized that people like to slander female artists.

I cant tell anything from this video, but the men are all talking about it.

Its fun to slander women, huh”

The man who started the conversation said, “Su Bei is so beautiful, and there are countless people coveting her.

Do you really think she can stay clean in the circle Seeing as how she even entered Di Xing Media Company, she must have put in a lot of effort…”

As he spoke, he sensed that something was wrong.

He looked up and saw a few senior executives standing in the office.

They were all handsome and distinguished.

Wherever they stood, the entire office was under pressure.

He was so startled that he swallowed the wordssleeping her way up.

The others looked at him as if he were dead.

Someone had previously informed them that the higher-ups would be coming over today to check on their work.

However, everyone was too busy gossiping and forgot about it.

Now that a few of the higher-ups were around, the male employee from just now immediately lowered his head.

The others quickly lowered their heads as if they were afraid of being implicated.

The person in the lead was Lu Heting.

Few of the low-level employees of Lu Group knew him.

However, since he was standing with the higher-ups, no one could ignore his identity.

His aura was especially outstanding.

As he stood in front of them, they held their breaths and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

When Lu Heting heard these discussions, he said calmly, “Take out the entire years work record and write a 100,000-word review.”

“I—” The male clerk looked up, clearly not expecting such a punishment.

“Is it a tradition of Lu Group to gossip during office hours”

The male employee lowered his head guiltily.

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