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She didnt dare get too close, so she had no idea what they were talking about.

All she could tell was that they were chatting happily.

Sheng Xiaotang did not give up on this rare opportunity and took a video and photo of the two of them meeting.

When Camilan and Su Bei left, she was in a cold sweat herself.

After all, as a daughter of a good family and an A-list actress, this was the first time she had done something like this.

Looking at the footage, she thought about it for a while before picking a few major media outlets to secretly send the content to.

Ordinary small media outlets did not dare to touch on the scandals of artists from Di Xing Media Company too much.

However, it was different for big media outlets.

They had a complicated network behind them and had more authority.

They werent too scared of risks when it came to publishing such scandals.

Sheng Xiaotang did not remind the media what to do or post because smart people would naturally know what to do when they saw the content she sent them.

She had only obtained this scoop by chance.

She muttered to herself, “Su Bei, dont blame me.

You can only blame yourself for everything being so coincidental.

Im not deliberately slandering you, but how can I not take advantage of such a good opportunity”

The next day, the trending topic in S Country wasCamilans Private Meeting With Su Bei.

One of the media outlets released a video of the two of them meeting.

In the video, they were chatting happily.

At one point, Su Bei was seen reaching out, and Camilan touched her hand.

Although in reality, Su Bei was just handing over the ointment and Camilan took it.

However, as Sheng Xiaotangs video was blurry, it covered up the truth.

Even though there was nothing concrete about this video, it still attracted a huge discussion.

The anti-fans were the first to take action, especially Sheng Xiaotangs and Jia Shiyuns fans.

They finally found a chance to turn the tables.

[I knew it.

The resources that even Xiaotang and Shiyun couldnt get were snatched by Su Bei.

Now, I know the reason clearly.

So, this is how she did it.]

[So thats why no one else has such resources.

Su Bei sure knows how to please people.]

[Tsk, tsk, tsk.

No wonder she had to go to T Country to film.

Theyre simply using public funds to engage in adultery.]

[I wonder if Di Xing Media Company knows that the movie they spent money on ended up with Su Bei and Camilan having an affair]

The words became more and more unpleasant to hear.

They completely forsook Su Beis efforts in obtaining this resource fair and square.

Of course, there were also those with objective views.

[Arent the two people in this video drinking coffee Could it be that the director and actress cant even meet each other anymore]

[Thats right.

What they did isnt very out of line.

Do those commenters above see everything in a warped way]

[Besides, these two are single, right Why make it sound so bad]

Su Beis fans even defended her.

[Everyone, watch yourselves.

In the future, dont meet your male or female colleagues at work.

Whether its work or school, were all divided into men and women.

If women are with women, everyone will be fine and satisfied.]

[Su Bei is working hard at filming every day, okay Cant she meet the director and talk about work]

[Other than this video and some photos, theres nothing else.

That in itself means the two of them just met up for a casual chat.

What are you trying to slander here]

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