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Su Bei chose a more solemn dress and put on some light makeup.

She arrived as promised.

These days, other than filming, she had not gone anywhere else.

When she suddenly saw the flashing neon lights outside and the charm of the foreign streets, she could not help but feel a little greedy.

She looked out of the window for a while.

As she was meeting the director, she couldnt let the bodyguards come in with her.

Su Bei asked them all to wait outside.

When Camilan came over, Su Bei stood up.

“Director Camilan.”

Camilan sat down across from her with the same warm smile.

“You wont mind my abruptness, will you, Su Bei”

“Of course not.” Su Bei handed the ointment over.

“Xiao Bai just happened to finish distributing the ointment when it was your turn.

I found that I had an extra bottle, so I wanted to give it to you.”

“Thank you.” Camilan took it directly.

He didnt say anything.

They just talked about work and whether Su Bei was used to it.

Su Bei answered all his questions.

Moreover, she was grateful for his good attitude and how he was willing to give her pointers.

The two of them chatted happily.

Suddenly, Camilan changed the topic and said with a smile, “I heard that you have a good relationship with Lu Weijian of the Lu family”

“Were okay.” For a moment, she didnt know what he was going to say, so she didnt elaborate.

“Lu Weijian has been doing well all these years, right I heard that he loves games and is willing to try any games.”


Hes always dragging people around to play games.

Hes doing game development himself.”

Camilan talked about Lu Weijian for a while.

Su Bei wondered why he was talking about this.

Then, Camilan smiled.

“I had a movie script about gaming before, but I never found an investor.

Itd be good if someone who really likes games invests in it.

Im just casually chatting to you about it.

You dont have to take it too seriously.”

“I see.” Although Su Bei said that, she also felt that his concern for Lu Weijian seemed to be more out of personal interest than business.

But after that, Camilan didnt say anything else.

Su Bei didnt want to speculate, so they said goodbye and left.

Even though the two of them met like this in public, they had just talked about work.

There was nothing much to be said about it.

But the bad thing was that when Camilan came in just now, he had bumped into Sheng Xiaotang.

Sheng Xiaotang had always been curious about Camilans whereabouts and wanted to meet him by chance.

After all, being able to work with someone like Director Camilan meant that there would be more possibilities in her future career.

Camilan had been able to gallop around Europe for more than 20 years.

He was also supported by enormous capital and funds.

No actor would ignore Camilans strength.

Even though Camilan had already chosen Su Bei, this wasnt the only movie he was filming.

Sheng Xiaotang felt that she still had a chance.

Hence, she wanted to create a chance encounter with Camilan.

She and Camilan had met face-to-face just now.

She had said hello, but he was so lost in his thoughts that he did not see her or respond.

He just left while she stared at him.

This made Sheng Xiaotang stand there and sulk for a while.

When she came back to his senses, Sheng Xiaotang was curious.

She followed him with her assistant and immediately saw Camilan and Su Bei sitting together.

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