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“Ill have Xiao Bai give it to you later.”

“Thank you so much! Su Bei, youre such a good person!”

Su Bei laughed and thought to herself that if she had known that a bottle of ointment could subdue these people, she would have brought the ointment over on the first day itself instead of waiting until she conquered them with her acting skills.

But it was just a thought.

When Xiao Bai brought her water, Su Bei said, “Go back to my room and bring all the ointment over.”

“Im so sorry.

I was just making a casual comment, but they all heard me and asked me where I got the repellant.

I had to tell them.”

“Its okay.

I have more than I can use anyway.”

“When did you bring them I was on the plane with you.

Why didnt I see them” Xiao Bai thought it was really strange.

Su Bei also wanted to sigh.

In the beginning, Lu Heting had asked someone to export fruits from S Country to her.

In the end, he remembered that because of the climate and terrain, T Country produced the most fruits.

Many fruits were sweeter than those in S Country.

Later on, Lu Heting got someone to fly food over.

He was afraid that she wouldnt be used to the food here.

However, the food in T Country was actually not bad.

After all, the produce was grown in such a climate.

Lu Heting didnt have much to send over.

When he realized that the ointment was useful to Su Bei, he brought a big box of it over.

She didnt expect it to come in handy on the set.

Before night fell, almost everyone received the ointment that Xiao Bai had given out.

Everyone came to thank Su Bei.

It seemed that Lu Hetings consideration was right.

Using such small favors to help Su Bei build a good relationship was really useful for her filming.

“Su Bei, the repellent ointment has been distributed to everyone.

Except for Director Camilan, everyone else has taken it.”

“Why didnt Director Camilan take it”

“It happened to be gone by the time we got to him.

I wanted to share mine with him, but Director Camilan was kind enough to say no.” Xiao Bai sighed.

“Hes such a good director.

He doesnt put on airs at all.”

Su Bei listened to the words.

Camilan was indeed admirable.

When they returned to the hotel that night, Su Bei took off her clothes and carried them as she planned to take a shower.

A bottle of ointment fell to the floor.

“I didnt expect to miss one.” Su Bei picked it up.

After her shower, she remembered that Director Camilan did not get any ointment today.

The mosquitoes in the production team bit everyone indiscriminately.

They would not let Director Camilan off just because he was an international director.

Thinking of this, she took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Director Camilan.

[Director Camilan, I still have some anti-mosquito repellant.

If its convenient for you, Ill pass it to your assistant.

Do you want to use it]

After a while, Director Camilan sent a message.

[Su Bei, lets meet and talk.]

Su Bei had wanted to avoid arousing suspicion.

Usually, scandals were common between actresses and directors.

That was why she had said that she would leave the repellant with his assistant.

However, since Director Camilan had asked, Su Bei could not reject him directly.

She thought for a moment.

Firstly, Director Camilan was not such a person.

Secondly, Lu Hetings bodyguards were very close to her.

There should be no problem, so she agreed.

The director asked her to meet him in the hotels coffee lounge.

The hotel he was talking about must be the hotel up ahead.

After all, Su Bei was staying in Lu Hetings private hotel.

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