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The rest of the shoot went very smoothly.

Previously, it had been Robin who nitpicked at everything.

Now, however, it was Camilan who said, “Su Bei, I think you can do a better job with this scene.

Lets try again.”

Robin, on the other hand, folded his arms and said sternly, “Actually, I think thats excellent enough.”

Of course, if Su Bei tried again, she could definitely perform better.

As an assistant director who could work together with Camilan, Robin had real talent.

He could tell that Su Bei was different from how the rumors made her out to be, especially about how she could only join after bringing funds into the production.

Naturally, Robin was impressed with her.

During the intermission, Huo Zhong brought a group of people to look for Su Bei and have her teach them martial arts.

Young people like them who had grown up overseas were simply obsessed with kung fu.

In fact, Su Bei had learned a lot.

Hence, after just giving them a few pointers, they were very happy.

All of a sudden, there was a trend of learning martial arts in the entire production team.

Everyone gathered together to practice.

Although there were no practical benefits to practicing this, there were many thieves here and they always lost their belongings.

Ever since everyone started practicing martial arts, things stopped going missing.

The locals all knew that there was a foreign film crew here, and everyone was skilled.

If they caught a thief, they would beat the thief to death.

They were so frightened that some people who wanted to take advantage of the situation immediately gave up on this idea.

Lu Heting came over once every three days.

Every time, he came and went in a hurry.

He was especially secretive.

Even Xiao Bai would not know that he had been here.

On this day, after Lu Heting left, Su Bei got up and packed up.

He often came, so Su Bei felt that there was not much difference between filming here and filming in Jingdu City.

However, she knew in her heart that there was no difference because Lu Heting was sacrificing his rest time for her.

She pursed her lips and sent a kiss emoji on WeChat.

When she went out, Xiao Bai followed behind her and said casually, “Su Bei, why do I find that you look especially good every two days”

“Really” She rubbed a hand over her face.

“Of course.

You look especially good today.

It was the same two days ago too.

But Im a little miserable.

There are so many mosquitoes in the crew during the day.

Ive been bitten all over and cant sleep well at night.”

Su Bei took her hand and glanced at it.

“I have repellant in my bag.

Find it and apply it.”

This was indeed the case in T Country.

The weather was hot, the trees were plentiful, and the mosquitoes were as big as spiders.

One bite was enough to leave a mark.

It was too uncomfortable for someone to get bitten every day in the production team.

There were also repellent ointments in T Country, but it was unknown if it was because the foreigners were not used to it or if the mosquitoes had grown antibodies against the repellant.

After everyone applied it, it was ineffective.

Previously, Su Bei had also been bitten.

Later on, Lu Heting brought over repellant from S Country.

In the afternoon, several people came to look for Su Bei.

“Su Bei, I heard that you have mosquito repellent ointment.

Can you give me some”

“Please give me some too.”

Ever since Su Beis calligraphy and stunt double incident, these people no longer went against her.

When they saw Su Bei, they always had good expressions on their faces.

Therefore, when they came to ask Su Bei for the repellant, they were all smiling.

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