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“Ill leave first.

Ill send you videos of Da Bao and Gun Gun every day.” Lu Heting kissed the woman.

“If theres anything, leave it to the bodyguards.

Dont take these matters lightly.”

“Yes, yes.” Su Bei kept nodding.

‘Im unwilling to, but theres no choice.

Lu Heting raised his eyebrows.

“Ill come back soon.”

“Yes.” The womans voice was nasally, and when she looked up, her face was radiant.

After Lu Heting left, Su Bei was stunned for a long time before she got used to the room without him.

The sun was especially bright, and the temperature was high, but she found the space to be less brilliant.

When she got up, she was a little lazy.

She glanced at the clock.

It was almost time to shoot.

She sped up.

When she went out, Xiao Bai immediately greeted her.

Xiao Bai was obviously unaware that Lu Heting had come.

When she saw Su Bei, she said excitedly, “Su Bei, have you seen the gossip”

“Its gossip from T Country.

Isnt Sheng Xiaotang filming a movie here The investor behind her is called Lu Tianci.

Yesterday, a reporter filmed Lu Tianci being beaten up, and his arm was broken.

He was photographed at the police station and the hospital.” Xiao Bai grinned as she talked about the gossip.

“Didnt Sheng Xiaotang always look down on us Who knew that our movie would go so smoothly this time and its her investor who encountered a problem”

Su Bei took the phone from Xiao Bai and looked at the news for a while.

Sure enough, Lu Tianci had been beaten up.

Although he was hiding it, she could vaguely see that his face was swollen.

After all, Lu Tianci had power in T Country, so the media would not dare to use too extreme words.

However, there were many photos taken.

Rich men like him who liked to get close to the entertainment industry had always been the hot topic of the media.

This incident naturally attracted a lot of attention and quickly appeared on the trending searches.

“I wonder who did this,” Xiao Bai guessed aloud.

“Perhaps a fan whos overreacting”

Su Bei suddenly thought of Lu Heting.

She shuddered.

Could it be Lu Heting

His timing was too much of a coincidence, and it was obvious that Lu Tianci was involved in the stunt double incident.

She felt a little happy, but Su Bei wasnt particularly sure.

After all, Lu Heting had never liked to use such low-level methods.

She thought for a moment, then asked: [Did you punch someone, honey]

Lu Heting probably didnt reply to her because he was on the plane.

Su Bei could only go to the set first.

The people in the production team were naturally discussing this matter.

There were all kinds of rumors.

“I heard that no one was caught.

I wonder who did it In any case, this young master was furious this time.

I heard that he fired several people around him and even flew into a rage.

There arent many people who can make this young master suffer to this extent.”

When Su Bei heard this, she silently added in her heart,You reap what you sow.

Just as she picked up her phone, it rang.

Lu Heting had replied: [I gave him a taste of his own medicine.]

Su Bei burst out laughing and sent him a few emojis.

As expected, Lu Heting had found someone to beat Lu Tianci up.

With Lu Hetings personality, the people he found were probably those two stuntmen.

No wonder Lu Tianci was so seriously injured and couldnt find out who had beaten him up.

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