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Due to the climate and environment, many people complained about this shoot.

Her scenes were especially tiring, but she could still film them easily.

After Su Bei inserted the key card, the dim room was instantly illuminated by bright lights.

She was tired.

The first thing she did when she got back to the hotel was take off her shoes and change.

However, just as she was about to undress, she keenly sensed that there seemed to be an outsider in the room.

Curious, she started to turn back when someone grabbed her from behind.

Initially, Su Bei was like a frightened cat.

Her entire body was tense and she planned to retaliate.

However, when she felt the familiar aura of the person behind her, she turned around and fell into his arms.

There was only surprise and no more shock.

Lu Heting hugged her.

Neither of them spoke.

Instead, they kissed.

She released him first, and her eyes were bright.

“What are you doing here”

“I said that Id come over as long as I was free.” Lu Hetings expression darkened slightly.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “If I hadnt come over, would you call what happened today a small situation”

“Its just a small situation since it was resolved in the end.”

“How dare you say that.” Lu Heting held her head and looked into her sparkling eyes.

He couldnt bear to scold her, so he kissed her hard on the lips until Su Bei blushed and couldnt breathe.

She caught her breath and muttered softly, “Your bodyguards were around when I was fighting with the stunt doubles.

I know my limits.

Even if I made a mistake, they wouldve come to help…”

Lu Heting bit her.

“So is that why you dont allow the bodyguards to help What if theyre slow”

Seeing him angry, Su Bei smiled sweetly and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“Isnt my husband here to help”

Lu Heting couldnt get angry at her.

He reached out and rubbed her hair.

After not seeing her for a few days, he was full of desire.

He kissed her again and pressed her back onto the bed.

However, he remembered that she still had a lot of work to do tomorrow, so he didnt use his full strength.

He stopped when he knew he should.

“By the way, have you eaten yet” she asked.

“I dont feel like eating.” He didnt come all this way to eat.

“You havent eaten, then.

Ill have the hotel send some food over.”

Lu Hetings eyes darkened.

“Youre still paying attention to such things It seems that I didnt do enough just now.”

“Hey…” Before Su Bei could finish, she was pressed back down.

Sure enough, at a time like this, one shouldnt put ones mind on the small details.

One should just focus on what was happening at the moment.

Naturally, Lu Heting didnt eat anything in the end.

Su Bei didnt have much energy to think about it either.

In the silence of the room, she fell asleep.

When she woke the next morning, she felt that the man beside her was still there.

With her long hair a little messy, she arched against his chest like a cat and leaned against him.

“The flight is in a while.” Lu Heting really couldnt accompany her for long.

There were many things to do in the country.

Now, Lu Tianci and his father were restless and keeping an eye on S Country.

Feeling a little reluctant, Su Bei reached out her slender arms and hugged his thin waist.

Lu Heting bent down and teased her for a while.

He was afraid that it would affect her filming, so he didnt go too far.

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