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When he thought of Su Beis face, he felt inexplicably excited and hot.

He felt that the ordinary women in the bar were not worthy of his attention.

When Lu Tiancis car arrived, he got in.

He was a little drunk, so he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

The car made a sharp turn and screeched to a halt.

Lu Tianci was woken up from his sleep.

Just as he was about to curse, the car door was pulled open and a sack covered his face.

A few pairs of fists rained down on him.

“F*ck!” Lu Tianci cursed, but it was useless.

Fists and kicks rained down on him.

He was covered in the sack, unable to get out.

After his punches and kicks stopped, he got up with difficulty and ruthlessly removed the sack from his head.

Where was everyone Even the driver was nowhere to be seen.

He pulled out his phone and made several angry calls.

His driver and assistant arrived a moment later.

They froze at the sight.

Lu Tianci kicked each of them.

“Where the hell did you guys go”

“Didnt you tell us not to follow you” the driver and assistant hurriedly explained.

Lu Tianci knew that he had been tricked.

He raised his eyes and looked around.

There were no surveillance cameras or blind spots for passersby.

With the security of T Country, he was afraid that he would not be able to find out who did it.

His dangling left arm was broken.

His good mood had long since been replaced by a grimace on his face.

He cursed again.

Lu Heting didnt like to solve problems by beating people up.

That would be too low.

Unless the other party was really stupid.

This time, Lu Tianci foolishly provoked Su Bei and even tried to hurt her by using stunt doubles.

Therefore, Lu Heting caused him to have a broken limb.

‘You need to deal with stupid people in a stupid way.

As for the two stunt doubles, it was up to them how they wanted to run and hide.

Whatever feud they had with Lu Tianci was their business.

After Su Bei finished filming, she went to the hotel in a good mood because todays scenes went smoother than before.

The hotel was in a particularly good location, right next to the set.

She kept in mind that she had to protect herself.

Since security in T Country wasnt particularly good, she shouldnt wander around anywhere else.

She was a person who could be both active and calm.

Todays filming was obviously a little tiring.

Coupled with the fact that she still had to deal with the two stunt doubles, Su Bei felt a little exhausted when she returned.

Lu Heting sent a message to ask about todays filming.

[Pretty good.

Although there was a small situation and some people didnt cooperate, the matter was quickly resolved.] Su Bei always told him the good news and not the bad news, lest Lu Heting worry.

She was already very honest as she had told him there was a small situation.

Usually, she tried her best to avoid talking about annoying things.

Lu Heting didnt reply.

He must be busy.

She put her phone away and walked slowly toward her room.

Xiao Bai followed her, carrying her bag for her.

“Just give it to me.” She reached for it.

“You should go home and get some rest too.”

“Good night, then, Su Bei.”

Su Bei opened the door and entered the room.

Although she was a little tired, she had to admit that her physical fitness had indeed improved a lot after her last filming with He Xuyan.

She was not so tired that she felt weak.

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