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“I know who it is,” the man in the car continued.

Without needing to check, Lu Heting knew that the only person who could have done this was Lu Tianci.

As Lu Heting had arranged for people to be here, many parts of the production were under strict control.

However, there was still a loophole that could be exploited.

Other than Lu Tianci, no one else could do it.

The two stunt doubles were shocked and a little shaky, because asking them to hit their employer… After all, to be able to pay such a large sum to deal with a female lead in a film crew, they must have some power in T Country.

The consequences of asking them to hit their employer were unimaginable.

They were too cowardly to even refuse.

The man in the car was silent for a moment.

Just when they thought he was going to loosen up, he continued to speak, but not to them.

He was talking to the people around him.

“I understand these two stunt doubles have families”

The two stuntmens hair stood on end at those words.

The intensity of the threat in his voice was chilling.

‘Who doesnt have a family

‘We werent formed from rocks!

They were working hard to earn money to support their families!

“W-Well do it!” the two stunt doubles answered.

Lu Tianci was having fun in a bar, surrounded by a group of bad friends.

A lackey approached him and whispered, “Everything has been arranged for Su Beis matter.”

Lu Tianci actually quite liked Su Bei.

That woman was even more beautiful than the ones he had seen before.

She was like a feather that tickled his heart bit by bit.

Unfortunately, she was an artist from Lu Hetings company.

Otherwise, he would definitely spend a lot of money to get that woman.

But this was killing two birds with one stone.

By letting the stunt double injure Su Bei, he could take Di Xing Media Company down a notch and make them unable to continue filming.

Although it was a small loss to Lu Heting, it would definitely not be a simple blow to his mood.

Su Bei would be injured and would not be able to film in the short term.

Her resources would be affected.

It would not be difficult for her to fall into his arms then.

At that time, Lu Heting would realize how powerful he was.

Although Lu Tianci thought that all the women in Di Xing Media Company were Lu Hetings harem and Su Bei was one of them, with Su Beis beauty, she was definitely one of the women Lu Heting cared about.

“Not tonight.” Lu Tianci pushed his glass away and stood up.


Lu, youre leaving” The woman in his arms said sweetly, “If you leave, we wont be able to enjoy ourselves.”

“Thats right.


Lu, play a little longer,” another woman added.

Those rich young masters also chimed in, “Mr.

Lu, youre going home so early.

Has your temper changed, or are you hiding a mistress”

Lu Tianci smiled.

“Ill pay for the bill tonight.



Lu is still so generous!”

As everyone laughed, Lu Tianci walked out of the bar.

The weather in T Country was always hot, but this cool breeze at night was comfortable.

Lu Tianci tugged at his collar and walked out.

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