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After all, they didnt really hurt Su Bei.

Even if they asked her, they wouldnt be able to get anything out of her.

But it was a fact that there were problems with the crew.

Everyone listened in silence as Camilan lectured them.

Everyone thought to themselves that Director Camilan had lost his temper but was finally starting to act like a big director.

Meanwhile, the two stunt doubles left the set after receiving their salary for the day.

Both of them looked a little worried.

After all, they had not completed the mission their employer had given them.

However, they were no match for Su Bei at all.

As stunt doubles, they could only secretly see if they could hurt her.

If they really couldnt hurt her, it was impossible for the two of them to go over and beat Su Bei up, right

Then what awaited them was a real prison sentence.

“Forget it.

Lets pay back the money and itll be over.” The tall man spat out the words and pressed out the cigarette.

Not only did he have to return the money, but he also had to pay compensation for not completing the mission.

Those were the rules of the trade.

The thinner stunt double was a little unhappy.

“Why dont we find a quiet place and hurt Su Bei”

“Are you crazy Its considered an accident to injure someone at work.

But its called a criminal case if we do it outside of work! If it gets out of hand, you wont be able to bear the consequences.”

The tall stunt double was speechless.

Moreover, he had fought with Su Bei before.

He did not expect such a delicate and soft woman to be so skilled.

She almost embarrassed him.

To be honest, he admired and cherished her talent.

Especially when she had the upper hand yet saved his face by smiling and letting the matter slide.

If he really hit her again, he would be inhumane.

Both men looked crestfallen for a moment, then decided against it.

Just as they were about to leave the set, they suddenly heard a series of orderly footsteps approaching from afar.

Those people moved quickly and surrounded them.

The two stunt doubles turned to look and saw a group of men in black and sunglasses standing in front of them.

They looked very serious and imposing.

It made them feel afraid.

“Y-You go back and tell that person we didnt complete the mission.

Well refund the deposit and pay the compensation,” the tall stunt double said.

Actually, they did not know who their employer was.

In any case, it was best to apologize first and show an attitude.

A car slowly drove up to them.

The men in black and sunglasses stepped aside.

The window was half-open.

The man inside looked exceptionally imposing.

The two stunt doubles thought that this was their employer.

They knew that anyone who could afford such a sum of money was extremely powerful.

If they did not complete their mission, they would probably suffer a lot.

They said in a panic, “Well pay…”

Lu Heting frowned slightly.

Su Bei was fine.

Even if something had really happened to her, he wouldnt have to deal with these two people personally.

He would just treat it as though Su Bei was having some fun with them.

“You dont have to pay.” The mans voice from the car was rich and somehow pleasant.

His English was very pure.

With some nonchalance, he said, “Who gave you the money Go back and beat him up.

Then well call it even.”

The two stunt doubles were speechless.

So this person was here to stand up for Su Bei.

He was not their employer!

“B-But we dont know who paid us.

We took up the job but never saw our employer,” the tall man said honestly

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