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Especially the look in her eyes.

It was as if she could speak.

There were very few lines in the scene.

All the tension was in the eyes.

When the camera came close, everyone was stunned by the look in Su Beis eyes.

It was such a look of despair and numbness.

When the bright light hit her eyes, they could see that her eyes were as dark as dead ash as if she had already lost her life.

Everyones mood had yet to recover from the fun just now, but Su Beis emotions carried too large of an impact.

The others couldnt help but marvel at her for a while.

This was a major event.

Camilan was going to shoot the same scene from a few different angles.

Su Bei acted out the scene seven or eight times in a row.

Amidst everyones surprise, she performed better and better each time.

When she finally finished filming, the surroundings were silent.

Although no one applauded Su Bei, everyone completely acknowledged her in their hearts.

Previously, they mocked and looked down on Su Bei because they had heard rumors that Su Bei had brought funds into the production and relied on her backer and face to get the female lead role.

However, all they saw was Su Bei with a dark foundation on her face.

Her makeup made her look dejected and dull.

They could not see anything worthy of praise.

How could she rely on this face of hers to get the female lead role

But now, everyone was really convinced!

The biggest weakness of these people was that they had a strong sense of superiority.


But there was also an advantage to this trait of theirs.

If someone was stronger than them, they would submit to them!

After Camilan called outcut, Su Bei came out of the set with a familiar smile on her face again.

Huo Zhong raised his thumb.

“Everyone, did you see that This is my Sister Su Bei!”

For once, Robin said nothing.

These scenes passed.

When Su Bei went over to drink water, Xiao Bai shouted excitedly, “Su Bei, youre so awesome.

Many people were stunned by that scene just now.

I guess they wont question your acting skills anymore.”

Camilan came over and said to her, “There seemed to be something wrong with those two stunt doubles”

‘You noticed it too Su Bei asked with a smile.

“Youre too careless.

You knew there was a problem yet you still dared to provoke them” For once, Camilans face darkened.

In fact, he had only realized it later.

At the time, he had thought that Su Bei and the stunt double were just fooling around to liven things up.

Otherwise, he would have stopped them right from the start.

The thought scared Camilan.

Seeing that his face had darkened and he really cared about her, Su Bei smiled and said, “But as you can see, everything is fine now.

Those two people have become obedient.”

“You got lucky this time! You wont always get lucky like this!” said Camilan.

He was uncharacteristically serious.

He gathered the person in charge of the production team, the stage supervisor, and the others.

He stopped filming and held a meeting.

“I repeat, you must only hire trustworthy temporary staff members.

Look for people with qualifications! No mistakes can be tolerated in the crew! Anyone who makes a mistake will be fired!”

The stage supervisor had made a mistake because of the calligrapher substitute, so there was nothing to argue about.

As for the others, they did not know about the stunt double.

Camilan didnt point it out either.

After all, the two stunt doubles had left, and they wouldnt be needed for the rest of the scene.

Besides, there was no real evidence that there was anything wrong with them.


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