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Besides, there were too many people around.

He raised his eyes and looked into the distance.

After the woman won this battle, she did not look arrogant.

However, there was a look of relief on her face.

Under the bright lights of the set, her eyes looked especially transparent and bright.

A smile finally appeared on Lu Hetings lips, and the coldness around him began to slowly dissipate.

When the cast and crew saw that the match between Su Bei and the stunt double had ended, many people were still dissatisfied.

Of course, they did not realize what had actually happened.

“Is that all” someone asked.

“Of course, its over.

Didnt you see that Su Bei won”

“As expected, the stunt double still gave in to Su Bei.

Hahahaha, but thats as expected.

Su Bei is the main lead and a woman.

The stunt double cant really do anything to her.”

“Hes quite the gentleman.”


The people around them spoke at the same time.

They did not believe that Su Bei could really win.

The discussion continued.

“But from Su Beis posture, it looks like shes been trained.

Her movements are beautiful and professional.”

“Of course.

Shes an actor.

Shes good at imitation.

But shes just an empty shell.

When it comes to power, she still lacks some professionalism.”

“Her form just now was already very good.

Anyway, I think Su Bei has impressed me.

You make it sound like its easy to put on performances like that.

Try it yourself and see if its easy.”

Anyway, Su Bei had resolved the current conflict.

On the other hand, Robin and another young male actor with S Countrys bloodline could tell that Su Bei had real talent.

This was because they knew the boxing techniques of T Country and had studied them.

They knew that it was not easy to dodge the few attacks of the stunt double just now.

And whether Su Bei had the strength or not, those few moves of hers were indeed top-notch.

Stunned for a moment, Robin said to the actress playing the fourth lead, “Shes certainly as good as you.”

“Huh” The actress had no idea who he was talking about or what he meant.

On the other hand, the young actor, who was born in the United States, had a typical oriental face and was full of admiration for Su Bei.

Seeing that Su Bei usually liked to drink coke, he brought over a bottle of iced Coke and sat beside her.

“Sister Su Bei, teach me those moves just now!” His name was Huo Zhong.

He had been obsessed with martial arts since he was young and always watched all kinds of martial arts movies.

Unfortunately, he was born in the United States.

Such things were not so easily accessible there.

It was because he was attracted by these martial arts films that he became an actor.

Now that hed finally met someone with real talent, he simply didnt want to miss his opportunity.

“When I can.” Smiling, she held up the Coke bottle.


“Okay, Sister Su Bei! Youre welcome!” Huo Zhong smiled happily.

Su Bei went to shoot next.

They had filmed a scene of domestic violence just now.


As they had rehearsed the scene just now, the entire filming was done in one go.

Whether it was the scene of the fight or the fullness of her emotions, Su Bei had grasped it perfectly.

The resentment on Su Beis face, the suppressed anger that she did not dare to voice, the ferocity of her counterattack, and the numbness from being beaten when her counterattack was ineffective were all very difficult to portray.

It might require the director to grind the actor many times.

However, Su Bei was like the real Shirley.

Every emotion and gaze was integrated into her.

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