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They all burst out laughing.

In fact, no one took this fight seriously.

Even Robin and the actress playing the fourth lead didnt really think that the two would really fight although they wanted to see Su Bei suffer.

They just wanted to have some fun and liven up the atmosphere.

Everyone looked at the two of them with a relaxed attitude.

But when the stunt double and Su Bei started fighting, the scene changed.

The stunt doubles muscles bulged, and his entire body became more violent.

When he raised his fist, he looked like he could kill a person with one punch.

A timid actress quietly took a few steps back and said fearfully, “This isnt a real fight, is it”

However, in the next second, Su Bei grabbed the stunt doubles fist and pushed it out easily.

He came forward again.

This time, he changed his punch to a kick and kicked at Su Bei.


The people around them were a little shocked… This was a real fight!

However, before he could kick Su Bei, she quickly dodged it.

After a while, the stunt doubles face was pale, but Su Beis makeup was not even messed up.

Only then did the stunt double understand that his companion had not deliberately gone easy on Su Bei just now.

It was all because they could not defeat Su Bei at all!

In the last move, Su Bei stepped on the stunt doubles foot.

His entire ankle was under her foot.

With his current movements and posture, it was completely impossible for him to pull it out.

If Su Bei kicked him, the stunt doubles hamstring would be cut.

If his hamstring was cut, his career and his life might be ruined.

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and glanced at him.

The stunt double sure had a backbone.

He didnt beg for mercy or shout for her to stop.

He gritted her teeth and planned to endure it.

If one were inferior, one had to admit defeat.

Besides, if he had gotten such an opportunity, he would have attacked Su Bei directly.

Su Bei actually knew that these two people were probably not bad people.

They only did such a thing because they had taken Lu Tiancis money.

At the last minute, she pulled back and smiled.

“Thank you for letting me win.”

The tall man was stunned for a long moment before he retracted his foot.

The people of T Country had tanned skin, so it was impossible to tell if he was blushing.

But his gaze had softened, and he no longer looked as fierce as before.

Su Bei guessed that these two people would probably not make an enemy of her.

At this moment, a group of people hurriedly got off the plane and followed Lu Heting to the set.

Lu Heting had said that he would come often, so he naturally had to come often.


Whatever happened in the crew could not be hidden from him.

He hurried over.

When he arrived at the set, the matter between Su Bei and the stunt double was over.

The man was wearing a simple white shirt.

He had come with a solemn expression, but when he saw the situation, the cold aura around him dissipated.

Then, he thought of something and frowned tightly.

A beautiful frown was formed on his face.

He looked in the direction of the woman and was unable to relax.

Lu Hang followed behind Lu Heting.

Seeing this situation, he quickly stopped.


Lu, there have always been bodyguards nearby.

Even if something had really happened, it would be impossible for Young Madam to be injured,” Lu Hang reported in a low voice.

Lu Hetings eyebrows didnt relax, but he wasnt in a hurry to go forward either.

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