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The tall stunt double did not take Su Bei seriously at all.

In his opinion, his partner took pity on her and went back on the agreement.

That was how Su Bei was able to block these few moves.

If it were him, Su Bei would have been dealt with long ago.

He was someone who only cared about money and not people!

Seeing that it was his turn, Su Bei smiled and said, “Director Camilan, its time for a break now.

I heard that theres a certain fist technique from T Country thats quite powerful.

I wish to ask for guidance.

I wonder if Mr.

Musashi will give me this chance”

Su Bei knew that if he was going to attack her, she might as well put everything on the table.

The tall Musashi was stunned.

“You want to compete with me”

He could not help but sneer in his heart.

T Country was famous for boxing.

Su Bei overestimated herself and provoked him.

It was a good opportunity to injure her.

He would not be responsible for the outcome at all.

“Thats right.

Would it be all right if we go for a round” asked Su Bei with a smile.

The others crowded around as well.

The filming crew was working hard, and the weather was hot every day.

Everyone had been tense and naturally did not want to miss any excitement.


Seeing that Su Bei had taken the initiative to provoke a stunt double from T Country, everyone was naturally very interested.

Because of Su Beis previous calligraphy scenes, several actors in the same group had changed their attitudes toward her.

They couldnt help but persuade her, “Su Bei, dont be careless.

Its not easy to challenge someone from T Country.

If you accidentally get hurt, how will you film”

“Thats right, Su Bei.

Why dont you forget it You shouldnt have challenged him.”

However, there were also some people who still didnt like Su Bei and wanted to watch the show.

“Dont talk nonsense.

I heard that Su Bei previously filmed a movie and learned a lot of fist techniques.

Shes already a professional now.

Shes quite powerful.

She might be able to beat the fist techniques of T Country.

Its good for us to broaden our horizons.”

“Yes, yes.

I think Su Bei can do it.

Su Bei, you can do it!”

Of course, Su Bei could tell who had good intentions and who was deliberately instigating.

She didnt care.

She raised her eyebrows and asked the stunt double, “What do you think”

“Of course.

But we need to get permission from the director first,” the stunt double responded.

“Im afraid of having to take responsibility if I hurt you, an actress.”

Everyone around started to encourage her.

“Let Su Bei fight.

Let Su Bei fight.”

Half of these people belonged to Robins faction.

The actress in the fourth leading role he had brought with him was quite popular.

Many of the staff members felt sorry that she was not able to play the female lead.

When they heard that Su Bei was going to challenge a stunt double, these people were all pumped up.

The actress did not say anything, but she could not hide the faint anticipation in her eyes.

Camilan, who had always been a director who didnt know how to say no, said, “Give it a try, then.

But make sure you dont interfere with the job.”

“Director Camilan, that wont happen.

Its not like a fight that happens on TV.

How could he really hurt someone” someone said optimistically.

The tall man said, “Then I have to make it clear that Im not responsible if shes accidentally hurt.

I can only promise to try my best not to hurt her.”

This was what Su Bei wanted him to say.

She smiled and replied, “I dont want you to be responsible, but let me say that if you get injured, the production team and I wont be responsible either.”


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