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The stunt double did a few moves with Su Bei.

It was obvious that he didnt have any bad intentions this time.

However, Su Bei would not let her guard down.

Instead, she became even more careful.

She knew that there might be a big move coming.

“Back-to-back,” Camilan said when he saw it was okay.

“First, the husband hit Shirley.

The husband is especially vicious.

Shirley fights back hard this time and hurts the husband.

Then, the husband is triggered and fights back even more wildly.

Shirley fails to fight back.”

When Camilan was done speaking, the body double came forward.

He had received a large sum of money.

The other partys only request was to injure Su Bei.

In the situation just now, it was impossible for him to injure Su Bei.

The environment was not chaotic enough for him to escape.

However, when it was time to film continuously, his opportunity would come.

In a fight like this, injuries were sometimes inevitable.

Even the director had to admit that he could not guarantee that no one wouldnt get hurt during filming.

The man only needed to injure Su Beis hand or foot to complete the mission.


The stunt double looked Su Bei up and down.

The actress in front of him was not short, but her arms and legs were thin as if they could be broken with a snap.

During the rehearsal just now, she clearly did not have much strength.

To injure her… he did not even need to use 70 percent of his strength.

“Lets begin,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Her eyes were filled with innocence as if she was completely defenseless.

The stunt double began to walk into the scene.

Everything was normal.

Halfway through, the stunt double reached out and aimed an arm at Su Bei.

He seemed to be using a lot of strength, but when his hand reached Su Beis shoulder, he should have restrained his strength.

However, it was only on the surface that he seemed to have restrained his strength.

In fact, he was still full of strength.

If this slap landed, Su Beis shoulder might be crippled.

No one noticed this at all because the stunt double was just very seriously carrying out the scene according to the agreed-upon moves.

According to how they had rehearsed it, Su Bei would resist at this moment.

However, the stunt double knew that even if Su Bei resisted, she would not be able to withstand his palm strike.

His palm wind was like a knife as it smashed toward Su Bei.

Su Bei reached out to block it, then used her strength to send the stunt double staggering.

This was a fighting style she had learned from her professional coach.

Speaking of which, Feng Feifei had taught her this fighting style before.

Lu Heting too.

Coupled with what her coach had taught her, Su Bei could be considered to have mastered it.

It had always been a famous method to fight back, especially for women who were not as strong as men.

The stunt double was forced back a few steps by Su Bei and lost his balance.

Su Bei stepped forward and hit the stunt double ruthlessly according to Shirleys crazy counterattack method.

The stunt double could not fight back for a moment.

“Thats right.

Su Bei has a lot of explosive power here!” Camilan shouted.

The stunt double was stunned.

This was more than just an explosive force.

She was trying to kill him!


When Su Bei finally stopped, the stunt double couldnt believe that the soft-looking Su Bei was a match for him.

Moreover, she was completely on guard against his moves!

The stunt double did not dare to delay.

When he tried the scene again, he found several opportunities in a row but still did not succeed.

The other stunt double was taller and stronger.

He quietly swapped positions with the previous stunt double and volunteered to act in the scene with Su Bei.

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