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Sure enough, nothing much happened after that.

It seemed that Lu Tianci would not continue to use such childish methods.

But what Su Bei didnt know was that Lu Tianci was preparing a big move.

Su Bei had some fighting scenes in the film.

Instead of a fight scene, she was the one who got beaten.

In the movie, she often suffered from domestic violence.

It wasnt that she hadnt resisted before, but after she did, she would be beaten even more fiercely.

By the end, she was numb and survived only to protect her son.

Other things, including her getting beaten up, became less important to her.

The next scene was where the female lead, Shirley, was beaten up and fought back desperately.

In the end, she was beaten up even more severely.

A stunt double was coming over for this scene.

Firstly, she had to guide Su Bei and the actor playing her husband.

Secondly, they had to test the angles and lighting.

It was so that the director could find a better angle to ensure that the shooting went smoothly.


This was when Lu Tianci made his move.

As an international director, Camilan had to rely on the local assistant director and put him in charge of many things.

He couldnt be so meticulous.

Hence, he wasnt the one who chose the stunt double this time.

The stunt double was someone sent by Lu Tianci.

In fact, destroying Lu Hetings investment, which only made up half of the production teams funds, was really not a big deal for such a huge corporation.

A truly mature businessman would not stick to such small things.

However, Lu Tianci had probably held it in for too long.

No matter what, he couldnt vent his anger on Lu Heting.

Therefore, even though he knew that such a small matter was immoral and useless, he still enjoyed pulling such tricks.

The two stunt doubles were both males.

They were about the same height as Su Bei and the male actor playing her husband.

It was convenient for them to move around.

Camilan called out to Su Bei, “Su Bei, come here for a while.

Familiarize yourself with a few movements first, then rehearse it.”

“No problem.” Su Bei nodded.

The two stunt doubles were lean and looked very tough.

They were also very good at beating people up.

Looking at the two of them, Su Bei suddenly thought of Lu Tianci.

His face was slightly similar to the Lu family, but in fact, it was a little uncomfortable to look at him.

She clenched her fists and thought for a moment.

When she was filming Boxer, He Xuyan had found a professional to give her lessons.

If the two people in front of her were related to Lu Tianci, she would have to consider if she could defeat them.

The answer should be yes.

After all, her months of training would not have been in vain.

Even Lu Heting said that she had improved.

Su Bei knew that the security and law in T Country were not as good as in S Country.

If these two people really injured her and ran away in the chaos, she was afraid that she would not even be able to find them.

If she really got injured, the progress of the movie would definitely be greatly impacted.

In this foreign country, would she have to chase these two people and send them to jail

Lu Tianci was indeed scheming.


“If everythings alright, lets get started, shall we” Camilan said amiably, even to the stunt doubles.

The two stunt doubles exchanged looks.

The thinner of the two approached Su Bei and said in English, “Please.”

Su Bei smiled and nodded before stepping forward.

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