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As descendants of Country S, they naturally knew how difficult it was to write with a brush.

They also knew how difficult it was to write so well.

Otherwise, they would not have often heard praises from their elders about people who wrote well.

As for some of the staff from T Country, they were even more shocked.

They only wanted to know why such a soft and sharp brush that could not even form a horizontal stroke on paper was like an obedient child who could write beautifully in Su Beis hands.

Su Bei wrote under the camera.

The shots were good.

Her words were utterly beautiful.

As for those who could write but didnt write very well, they wouldnt embarrass themselves.

In front of Su Beis calligraphy skills, theirs was just terrible!

Because these shots had to be edited and used in different parts of the movie, Camilan shot for a while.

Two hours passed before they finally finished filming.

Su Bei had written a lot of words in front of her.

There were all kinds of words in all kinds of fonts.

Camilan gave her a thumbs up.

Robin wanted to say something but couldnt.

After a moments thought, he let it go.

This scene was settled just like that.

Camilan was in a great mood.

The others stood awkwardly for a while before whispering, “Didnt they say that Su Bei brought funds into the production team Shes quite talented, though.”

“I dont know, but is being able to write a talent”

“Then why dont you try”

The discussion died down.

Su Bei ignored them and turned to prepare for the next round.

The filming of TV dramas usually did not take place in chronological order.

The filming of the movie was even more so like that, so there wasnt much time for the actors and actresses to build up their emotions.

One second, they were filming this, and the next, they were filming something else.

After Su Bei finished filming the previous scene, she had no time to care about what the outside world was saying.

Robin picked on her less during filming after that.

The others were no longer so against Su Bei.

Xiao Bai rushed over to give Su Bei water.

“Su Bei, I heard someone praising you.”

“See If you perform well, this is what you deserve.” Su Bei smiled and raised her delicate eyebrows.

At dinner, the person in charge of the production team happened to be sitting beside Su Bei.

He was a short, middle-aged man and had tanned skin from the sun in T Country.

He had a particularly shrewd look about him.

However, because of this mornings incident with the substitute, he had to take a lot of responsibility for the matter.

Robin had told him off.

While bringing over dinner, he glanced at Su Bei and said, “Im sorry about what happened this morning, Su Bei.

Ive caused you trouble.”

He spoke English with a strong T Country accent.

Fortunately, Su Bei understood him.

She smiled and said, “Its fine.

By the way, if you dont mind, you should hire more temporary personnel if we need the manpower.

Its best to arrange them in advance.”

The man in charge patted his head and said, “Okay!”

Su Bei guessed that Lu Tianci might not stop his efforts so easily.

However, it was impossible for him to directly delay the filming.

In that case, he could only start with some temporary personnel.

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