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Her fingers were slender and fair.

Because she had applied the same foundation on her hands, they looked slightly darker at the moment, but it still could not hide the shape of her perfect fingers.

Her joints were thin, while her fingers were long.

When she held the pen, she exerted the right amount of strength.

When she dipped the brush in the ink using slightly more force, her joints bulged slightly.

Someone was already stunned by this scene and whispered, “Her posture is accurate.

Ive seen my grandfather write calligraphy before.

Theres nothing to nitpick about Su Beis movements.”

“Isnt it the basic skill of an actress to have good movements You have to write well to pass the test.”


Why else would she be acting Lets see how shell show off.”

The man from earlier stopped talking.

Camilan and Robin both stared at her on the monitor.

The camera moved forward and no longer focused on Su Beis hand.

Instead, it began to focus on the words she had written from an overhead angle.

The child of the female lead in the movie was called Yunyun, so Su Bei wrote that.

The words forYunyun in Chinese had more strokes on the top and fewer on the bottom, hence they would seem top-heavy.

However, it wouldnt seem like that when written in traditional Chinese.

Therefore, Su Bei wrote in traditional Chinese.

With each stroke, one could see the words form on the paper.

Moreover, there was a feminine softness in the powerful handwriting.

Some people stopped talking because Su Bei really knew how to write calligraphy.

Moreover, her penmanship was much better than what they had imagined!

In particular, the stage supervisor had already recovered from his tears.

As he knew how to admire calligraphy works, he had arranged for a calligrapher to be the substitute.

Obviously, Su Beis handwriting was much better than that of the substitute who was known as a calligraphy professional.

The others also fell silent.

Even those who didnt know much about calligraphy could tell that the penmanship was indeed very good.

If not for years of practice, she would never have reached this level of penmanship.

Everyone had been mocking her previously, but now, they felt a little embarrassed.

The camera followed Su Beis hand movements until the two words were completely filmed.

At Camilans shout, Su Bei stopped.

She blinked and looked over.

Earlier, she was focused on writing and did not pay attention to the situation around her.

Now, she saw that everyone had fallen silent.

She wondered what they were doing.

Camilan looked at her with a smile.

“Not bad! Write a few more times for this scene.

I want different angles and different shots.”

“Okay.” Su Bei immediately agreed.

Robin was stunned for a few seconds.

He was from T Country and didnt know much about calligraphy.

He just thought that Su Beis writing was quite beautiful.

The words she wrote looked good.

Based on that knowledge, he had little to comment on the scene.

For the first time, he didnt nitpick about Su Beis scenes, nor did he have any suggestions.

Su Bei then filmed many scenes of her writing the words.

Because she was filming these shots under different circumstances and in different moods, she changed the font several times to write the words.

She thought it was quite normal, but it really shocked a few people who had S Country blood in them but were not nationals.

It left them standing there for a long moment, stunned and speechless.

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