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Camilan immediately looked up at her.

“You know calligraphy”

“Ive practiced it,” she said, nodding.

Coincidentally, just like the female lead, Shirley, she practiced calligraphy to kill time.

In the past, her time in the orphanage was so difficult.

Although there were many good friends accompanying her, she was still alone for a lot of the time.

If she didnt find something to do, how could she survive


Then we wont have to use a substitute.

You can shoot it yourself.” Camilan decided to give her a chance.

Robin disagreed.

“Director Camilan, this will take too much time.”

He didnt believe in Su Beis calligraphy skills.

Instead of wasting time now, it was better to reshoot this scene later with the substitute.

Robin couldnt be blamed for thinking this way.

Young people these days often used all kinds of electronic products.

Forget writing with a brush, they had even forgotten how to write with a pen.

He had long heard that actresses like Su Bei were recruited with capital.

She didnt have much real talent and was often on the list of hot searches.

She probably spent all her time making advertisements and focused on earning money.

She had calligraphy skills.

What a joke!

Camilan glanced at her.

“Are you sure you can do it”

“Yes, Im confident.” Su Bei pulled out her phone and showed Camilan the words she had written before.

Camilan was an expert.

He knew a lot about calligraphy.

One look told him that the penmanship was impressive.

He immediately agreed.

“Okay, lets shoot!”

Robin cursed under his breath at Camilans agreement but continued to show a nonchalant expression.

It would just be a waste of time!

“Everyone to your positions.

Here we go!”

Su Beis makeup and clothes had been prepared in advance.

She picked up her brush and sat down where she was supposed to.

The others looked at Su Bei disapprovingly.

“Theyre not using a substitute anymore”


Maybe Director Camilan will only be shooting close-up shots of Shirley.”

“But I heard that the calligraphy scene is a highlight.

Not only is it a reflection of Shirleys state of mind, but theres a deep meaning in the words she wrote.

The detectives and lawyers on her case guessed that her son was not killed by her and was still alive because they had been pondering the words she wrote.”

“Thats right.

If Su Bei screws up this scene, even if she has extraordinary abilities, she can forget about salvaging this movie.”

“I dont know what Director Camilan is thinking.

Its such an important scene, yet hes playing around with it.”

“Just you wait.

Hell regret this!”

Everyone was filled with anticipation for the shoot.

Of course, they didnt want the movie to fail.

No one would benefit if it failed.

However, no one dared to have too much hope for Su Bei.

Even Director Camilan would not be able to deal with such an ignorant actress!

“Part 10 of scene eight, action!”

With that, Su Bei sat down in her position.

Because she didnt need to feel much emotion in this scene, the camera would only sweep across her face.

The focus would be on her hands and the words she was writing.

Therefore, her hands and words were very important.

When the camera panned to Su Beis hands, everyone was silent for a moment.

Su Bei did have a pair of beautiful hands.

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