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Country T was a country that was hot and humid to begin with.

The climate was a little stuffy, and it was not easy for everyone to be calm while they waited.

Robin, in particular, had a hunch that Su Bei was going to mess up in her scenes again, so he kept urging his assistant to ask about the calligrapher.

After continuous urging, the assistant came back with the same answer.

“I heard the calligrapher is stuck in a traffic jam.

It might take two hours to get here.”

“What traffic jam Theres no way a traffic jam can last two hours.

Do you think this is a big first-tier city in S Country” Robin said unhappily.

The stage supervisor came over and apologized profusely.

“Im sorry, Director Camilan.

Im sorry, Assistant Director Robin.

The calligrapher I contacted cant come anytime soon.”

The stage supervisor was about to cry.

Everything was fine last night, but today, that person was stuck on the road.

However, he couldnt go over and drag them over.

Filming a movie was even more expensive than TV dramas.

The lights and scenes had already been set up, so time was being wasted.

Money was going down the drain, and one could almost feel the speed at which the money was flowing out.

The head of the crew was also sweating profusely.

It would have been fine if something had happened to a big shot at the last minute, but it had to be such a small figure.

Everyone was furious.

Robin was already lashing out and cursing the man in charge.

It was uncertain whether it was because Camilan had good manners or a good temper, but he didnt curse.

He was already adjusting the scenes and wasnt wasting time on pointless things.

“A calligrapher is making such a fuss,” someone grumbled under their breath.

“How rare.”

“What the hell Ive only just put on my makeup, and Im already covered in sweat.

Im worried the afternoon shoot will be delayed.”

“Its just calligraphy.

Who doesnt know how to write She should just write whatever first.

Its possible to reshoot it later.”

“Do you think its that simple to reshoot under the same settings They even scheduled for a calligrapher to come in today to substitute.

This substitute is really shameless!”

Indeed, it was taking a lot of manpower and resources just for this calligrapher.

There was no such precedent in many production teams.

It was fine if it was a TV drama.

They could just figure out a way to go about things.

However, everyone was looking forward to Director Camilans new film.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

He definitely couldnt just make do.

Su Bei knew that the incident with the delayed calligrapher might not be a coincidence.

It was probably Lu Tiancis doing.

Although such a small matter did not match Lu Tiancis status, it was not easy for him to seize the opportunity to cause trouble for Lu Heting.

Pulling this small trick was probably enough to make him excited.

After all, although such a small matter could not affect the foundation of the movie, it was enough to make the entire production team go crazy.

If they wasted another morning and it affected everyones mentality, it would indeed be enough for a vengeful person to have fun.

Camilan and Robin immediately discussed shooting another scene.

As top directors, they had plenty of backup plans.

They would never lose time because one person didnt show up.

However, Su Bei stepped forward and said, “Director Camilan, why dont we continue with the original plan”

“Id rather wait until we get a new calligrapher to shoot this scene.

The set and lighting will have to be rebuilt and reorganized by then anyway,” said Robin.

Su Bei played with the brush in her hand with her long fingers and said with a smile, “Maybe I can do it without a substitute.”

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