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This was Su Beis third movie, but she felt that it was even more difficult than the previous two movies.

Qiao Mei had already returned to the country.

Only Xiao Bai was with her.

Xiao Bai also saw through these tricks and felt indignant for Su Bei.

“Su Bei, these people clearly dont like you and are deliberately making things difficult for you.

Especially Assistant Director Robin.

Hes just nitpicking.

Youre already performing very well, but he always interrupts you.”

“I know.” She reached for her coat and headed for the powder room.

“If you know, why did you still give in to him” Xiao Bai really felt that it was not worth it for Su Bei to do this.

“We came all the way here.

Its hot and stuffy here.

Its simply unbearable.

But these people dont think that youre working hard at all.

Theyre even specially picking on you.

Why dont we talk to Director Camilan about this”

Su Bei smiled.

“Do you think itll be of any use to tell this to Director Camilan Director Camilan is also in an unfamiliar place.

Besides, Assistant Director Robin is right.

Its useless to tell him anything before I convince him of my acting skills.”

Xiao Bai was discouraged.

Indeed, arguing with the director was the most fruitless thing.

The director had control of how the filming went, not the actors and actresses.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Su Bei checked her makeup.

From acting as characters in their 20s, she was now acting as someone in her 40s.

Most of the time, her makeup was dismal in this film.

It completely covered her beauty, and all that could be seen was haggardness.

Therefore, her foundation was two shades darker than her skin.

She also used concealer to cover her dark red lips until they were pale.

The makeup made her look pale.

Naturally, the entire crew was used to seeing her like this.

They never associated her with the gorgeous Su Bei in those photos.

Many people felt that her looks were nothing much.

The photos must have been refined by a million photo retouchers.

It was one of the reasons so many people were against her.

But none of this was a problem for Su Bei.

She believed that as an actress, her only duty was to act well on the set.

Xiao Bai brought her water.

“Su Bei, filming is about to start.”

Su Bei picked up the script.

The directors assistant told her, “The next scene is the scene where the female lead, Shirley, is practicing calligraphy.

Well film your face, but therell be a substitute to film the calligraphy part.”

Su Bei had read the script before.

The female lead, Shirley, was always in a low mood.

In addition, she had sent her son away but kept it a secret from her husband, so she stayed at home every day.

When she was in a bad mood, she would write with a brush, and she always wrote her sons name.

Writing calligraphy could calm her down.

It was also a hobby of hers to pass the time.

Therefore, after writing for a long time, she was able to write especially beautiful words.

Naturally, Camilan didnt think young celebrities these days could practice calligraphy.

Hence, he arranged for his assistant to find a calligrapher to substitute Su Bei early in the morning.

Su Bei waited at the side with a brush.

A crew member ran out to wait for the calligrapher who would substitute Su Bei later.

All the lights and sets were ready, and so was Su Beis makeup.

They were just waiting for the calligrapher to appear.

It had been several minutes since the agreed-upon time, and everyone was getting restless.

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