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And the counterattack began with Su Bei and the movie.

Although Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci could not completely interfere with the filming of Mother, they had a deep foundation in T Country.

It was easy for them to pull some tricks.

Ever since Su Bei started filming, she felt that Camilan was a person who smiled every day but was very meticulous about things.

He would not let go of any details easily.

It was this seriousness that had contributed to his previous great success.

He was a very strict man, but he was very particular about his methods and never embarrassed anyone.

Perhaps that was why a lot of people liked him.

He was well-liked and smiled at everyone, making people think that he was easy to get along with.

In fact, when they interacted, Su Bei felt that the more a person was like that, the more impossible it was for them to let you figure out their true thoughts.

It was as if those smiles were a mask these sorts of people wore.

However, the assistant director was a local from T Country called Robin.

He was harsh both directly and overtly.

Whenever Su Bei filmed a scene, he would nitpick everything, making Su Bei feel at a loss.

Many of the scenes that were shot at the beginning did not have any lines.

Even the actors and actresses themselves did not know how the director would edit these scattered scenes.

Therefore, this film was very difficult to shoot.

The scenes were fragmented and scattered.

It was not easy to get into character in the first place.

Coupled with Robins interference, Su Bei could not get into character for the first few days.

Robin was one of the characters Lu Tianci had influenced.

Robin had originally planned to recommend an actress he liked to play the role of Su Bei, but Camilan had his own plans.

His wish was dashed, so he could only let his actress play the fourth leading role.

He already had a lot of opinions about Su Bei.

The information that Lu Tianci sent him told him that Su Bei had brought funds into the production.

She only got this role because she had a certain big shot behind her.

She was also an amateur and did not have much experience.

As a result, Robins opinion of Su Bei grew increasingly tilted.

As the assistant director, although he could not completely make the decisions on Su Beis every scene, if he interfered or raised any opinions, Su Bei would have to reshoot.

Moreover, no matter how Su Bei acted, he would give new suggestions, making the other actors and actresses feel that they were not able to proceed with their scenes.

They were under the impression that it was because Su Beis acting skills were not good.

For a moment, the entire cast and crew had opinions about Su Bei.

However, in front of Camilan, they acted very friendly to Su Bei.

In fact, this was another way of grouping up and bullying.

Although these actors and actresses had the blood of Country S nationals, most of them were not from Country S.

They had long ago moved to other countries and were raised abroad.

They were not the same as Su Bei.

They had their own way of getting along with each other.

They also felt that they, who had lived in Western countries since they were young, had received the most advanced education.

In terms of acting skills, they were also better than the people in S Country.

They more or less felt superior and felt that it was Su Beis honor to be able to act with them.

Su Bei had repeatedly caused the filming to stall, so they naturally found a reason to dislike her.

Su Bei thought,Do I need you guys to like me

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