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But none of this could stop Su Bei from working with Camilan.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun became jokes again.

They were happy to mention the title ofQueen of Airheads.

Someone even issued a vote to see who would win the title.

Fans of both sides felt that the other party should obtain this title and listed various reasons.

However, in the end, Sheng Xiaotang got this title alone because of the many photos and content.

Even so, many passers-by also habitually called Jia Shiyun the Queen of Airheads.

This matter angered Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun so much that they almost went berserk in the hotel.

Sheng Xiaotang got someone to buy gossip about another artist overnight and put it on the trending searches to suppress her matter.

She also spent money to delete the relevant articles and photos on the internet.

Finally, she managed to calm things down.

Su Beis participation in Mother was indeed unexpected.

Even though she was following Lu Tianci, she did not hear anything beforehand.

Camilan had indeed covered up the news quite well.

Meanwhile, Su Bei was the kind of person who never made a big deal out of anything.

From the start of the project to the start of the shooting, she had been doing it in silence.

When she saw this piece of news, Sheng Xiaotang felt thatWish, which she was starring in, was not good at all.

She had worked so hard to come to T Country to film and had to endure the terrible weather and conditions here.

However, she realized that her competitor had gotten the delicious feast while she just got a humble meal.

This disparity made Sheng Xiaotang lose interest.

“Whats wrong, baby” Lu Tiancis voice sounded in her ear.

Only then did Sheng Xiaotang smile.

The best thing was still Lu Tianci, not Wish.

Compared to Camilan, Lu Tianci was her delicious feast.


Im just thinking about the shoot.”

“Film well.” Lu Tianci patted her waist.

As for Mother, Lu Tianci never planned to let them film it smoothly.

It was because half of Mothers investment was invested by Di Xing Media Company.

As Lu Yaodes son, he could only live in T Country.

Like his mother and sister, Lu Tianci had a lot of resentment.

They were all members of the Lu family and had the Lu familys bloodline.

From the moment Lu Heting was born, he had been high and mighty.

He had Lu Corporation in his hands, but he had to survive in T Country!

Originally, he should have had his share of everything.

In Lu Tiancis opinion, the vast prospects in S Country and Lu Corporation should not belong to Lu Heting alone.

However, it never occurred to him that Lu Heting was only three years old when Lu Yaode left.

Lu Yaode did not leave without taking nothing either.

Instead, he took more than half of Lu Corporations assets and talents.

If it werent for the fact that Lu Heting was sensible and smart at a young age, he wouldnt have been in charge of the family business at such a young age.

He helped Mrs.

Lu stabilize the entire Lu Group.

Now, Lu Heting hadnt enjoyed much, but he had already paid several times more.

Unfortunately, neither Lu Tianci nor Lu Yaode could see all of this.

They only knew that Mrs.

Lu was currently being investigated by the police.

Lu Heting was alone, and it was the best time for them to counterattack.

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