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[Ill live-stream myself eating dirt.]

[Ill live-stream myself eating grass.]

[Ill live-stream myself eating garbage.]

[Ill live-stream myself eating rocks.]

All this was accompanied by Su Beis news, and everything became a joke.

But back in T Country, everything was in full swing.

Camilan stood with Su Bei, and together with the other cast members, they took the official photos for the news.

Photos and news of the cast and the official announcement were also officially released in two hours.

Mother Official Studio: [Su Bei, the female lead of Director Camilans new film, Mother.

Welcome @SuBei.]

Camilan Studios: [Su Bei vs.


East-West culture colliding and merging again.

Looking forward to new sparks! @SuBei.]

Camilan International Studios: [How dazzling! @SuBei.]

A cast photo and a formal announcement were released.

The anti-fans and other netizens were shocked.

Even some passersby who were just watching were shocked.

[Damn, its actually true! Su Bei is really working with Camilan!]

[I cant believe my eyes! But she does seem cool now.]

[Speaking of which, Su Beis acting skills are indeed quite good.

Its just that shes so beautiful that I often forget that she has good acting skills.]

[I beg Su Bei to act as a devastatingly beautiful woman wholl ruin the country and bring disaster to the country and its people.

With her beautiful face, shes always choosing to act in these rough roles instead.

What a waste!]

Perhaps it was because those anti-fans had scolded her too fiercely previously, the effect was simply too good this time around.

People with a little more rationality were cheering for Su Bei this time.

People in S Country had always watched movies with these foreigners.

Why shouldnt these people see beauties from S Country

Su Beis fans were also proud.

They knew that nothing would happen to Su Bei.

She didnt show herself in public much, but once she did, it would definitely bring a surprise.

As Su Beis fans, they couldnt be happier.

They wouldnt be taken advantage of.

All Su Bei brought them was the glory and pride of being her fan!

As for those haters and anti-fans, they really couldnt do anything anymore.

What else could they say

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyuns fans couldnt say anything else either.

Occasionally, a few brainless fans would step out and say: [Su Bei is acting in a foreign movie.

Shes simply a traitor! Is there no director in S Country Why is she working with a foreign director]

Before these comments could be widely spread, the commenters were suppressed by their own people.

[Shut up.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun have also met Camilan and claimed that they almost had the chance to work with him.

Were already in this era, and the global internationalization trend is in full swing.

How can you still say such nonsense]

Naturally, these comments were only made by brainless fans.

However, when it came to brainless fans, others suddenly recalled the person who wanted to broadcast themselves eating sh*t and the others after that who said they wanted to broadcast themselves eating grass and trash.

Someone looked for the person and left a message: [Hey, whens the live broadcast Weve been looking forward to your broadcast for a long time!]

Before long, the person deleted their account.

The others who made the same claims also changed their usernames, deleted their comments, cleared Weibo, and pretend as though nothing ever happened.

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