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The interview was not over yet.

In order to get the news released as soon as possible, many reporters had already compiled the content and sent it to the country.

Not to be outdone, the domestic media immediately released the content.

However, it was sent quickly and urgently, so it was not accompanied by videos.

Even the photos were unedited photos.

‘Su Bei Was Invited To Play The Female Lead, Shirley, In The New Film Mother.

‘Camilans New Movie Lineup Is Out.

Su Bei Is Listed.

As soon as all kinds of news were released, they naturally became trending topics.

However, the only thing that accompanied the news was a blurry photo.

On the other hand, the netizens remembered what had happened recently.

Just yesterday, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun had released a series of articles about their cooperation with Camilan.

Today, there was news about Su Bei.

Naturally, the news didnt attract envy or blessings but doubt and ridicule.

[It seems that Camilan is very free.

Didnt he just meet Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun Whats with him working with Su Bei now]

[Someone must be scamming us! Do you really think Camilan would do something like that Hes a busy man!]

[To the commenter above, I can testify that Director Camilan is currently in T Country.

Previously, when my friend was traveling, he bumped into Director Camilan.

But its hard to say whos pulling off the deception this time.]

Immediately, someone said: [Whats there to speculate Its obvious that Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun went to T Country.

We even went to send them off previously.

Anyway, I dont care.

Sheng Xiaotang definitely didnt scam anyone.]

The person who said this was a fan of Sheng Xiaotang.

Jia Shiyuns fans couldnt sit still anymore.

[Our Shiyun definitely wouldnt try to scam anyone.

Everyone knows that Shiyun signed with Tianyi, and Sheng Xiaotang is under Tianyi Media.

Shiyun must be with her.]

[So its another blackmailer]

[Tsk, tsk, tsk.

How funny.

She just won the Best Actress Award on Venus, and now shes trying to scam me.

Where did this trophy come from I wonder.

Grandpa, look at your phone on the subway.JPG.”

[Some people are really something.

They should look at themselves in the mirror before thinking of sticking their finger in this pie.

Do they really think that they deserve the time of international directors]

[Director Camilan is not a big deal.

Each time, he announces the cast at the end.

Hes just trying to gain popularity.

Unfortunately, Director Camilans status isnt that great.]

[Is she planning to have this piece of pie all to herself Hahaha, will she be known as a boot-licker in the future]

Su Beis fans were furious.

To be honest, they were not sure if this was even true.

They had been following Su Bei for a long time.

They had walked all the way from vilification to glory.

They had long known what kind of person Su Bei was.

They agreed that they would only wait for the official announcement and ignore everything else.

However, to the outside world, they were united and would never smear Su Beis name.

Looking at these rumors, they only said: [Dont spread rumors and dont believe in them.

No matter what role Su Bei plays, well always support her.]

Even so, the anti-fans and others were still jumping around like flies that had smelled rotten meat.

[If Su Bei is really the female lead of Mother, Ill live-stream myself eating sh*t!] Loyal fans of Jia Shiyun and Sheng Xiaotang said boldly.

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