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The articles were all accompanied by photos of Camilan standing with them while smiling.

Fans needed this kind of motivation, and passersby also needed such news to deepen their impression of celebrities.

In the eyes of those in the industry, such articles were a weapon to boost popularity, but many people liked it.

With the help of Director Camilan, Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun got onto the trending topics and were naturally praised by their fans.

As for Su Bei, she had never thought of publishing a statement.

As Camilan was about to start filming, they had to issue a formal press release announcing the cast.

As the lead actress in Mother, Su Bei did not need to use those articles to increase her popularity.

On the day of the press conference, many media outlets from T Country and S Country came over in admiration.

The entire venue was packed to the brim.

Both the East and the West were flocking to the press conference of Camilans new movie.

Camilan kept a low profile and had yet to announce the main cast.

Since it was the press conference, everyone naturally had to go over.

Su Bei appeared at the scene with the other actors and actresses.

When the reporters saw her, they were surprised because she hadnt appeared in public for a long time.

Many of the other actors and actresses were also active on the big screens throughout the Western world, hence they did not expect that Camilan would use Su Bei.

Soon, people started wondering if Su Bei was the third or fourth lead.

If that was the case, it was not surprising.

After all, the film was to be released in S Country.

Many movies planned by Western directors would be joined by some actors and actresses from S Country to attract audiences from S Country so that it would be popular.

However, these actors usually had very few scenes.

Sometimes, they were not even considered supporting characters, it was difficult to say that they had distinct personas or complete stories.

With such suspicion, the reporters entered the scene.

By the time Camilan was interviewed, the reporters questions were entirely focused on Su Bei.

“Director Camilan, may I know what role Su Bei is playing this time”

“May I ask how many much screen time shell have”

“May I ask if youre using an actress from S Country due to subject matter or for another reason”

Camilan answered directly, “As the female lead of my movie this time, Su Bei will have a lot of scenes.

I think very highly of Su Bei.

I believe she can play this role well.”

Su Bei was playing the female lead!

Camilan personally said it!

Then again, the reporters thought that it seemed reasonable.

The two movies that Su Bei had released, one commercial and one literary, were both very successful.

Their box office sales and reputation soared, and her acting skills had long been confirmed.

Everyone always found it hard to believe how good her acting skills were because every time she appeared in public, she was too beautiful and moving.

She was like a luminous figure.

Just by sitting there, she could attract everyones attention.

Her body shone brightly, and her skin was so fair that there were no flaws.

Her gaze and actions were filled with charm.

It was easy to refer to such a person as an idol, but it was hard to associate her with acting.

But in truth, she was an actress.

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