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As for Lu Tianci, Su Bei instinctively knew that the gap between him and Lu Heting was still too far.

The man didnt even look at himself in the mirror first.

Lu Heting had the huge Lu Group to take care of, so he couldnt accompany Su Bei in T Country every day.

He had to go back the next morning.

He explained many things, but he was still worried.

After repeatedly reminding her, he whispered, “Do you remember everything”

“Yes, I remember everything.” Su Bei nodded vigorously.

He planted a kiss on Su Beis forehead before getting into the car.

Su Bei watched his car leave before looking away.

She thought of Lu Yaode and quickly searched for his information online.

As expected, she found many things about him on T Countrys main web portal.

One of the official languages of T Country was English, so Su Bei could read the local news without any trouble.

She found that he not only had a son, Lu Tianci, but also a daughter.

In addition, his wife was also an actress who had been on shows before.

She looked like a familiar face.

Su Bei remembered that this woman had a good influence in S Country before this.

She had only retired in recent years.

No wonder Mrs.

Lu said that she hated models and actors.

It turned out that Lu Weijians father had cheated on her with an actress.

Thinking about it this way, she could somewhat understand Mrs.

Lus mentality.

Although her hatred had overflowed, it was inevitable for a woman to have a psychological imbalance after enduring so many years of hardship.

Moreover, women back then had always regarded their husbands, their children, their dignity, and others as golden rules.

On the other hand, women in the entertainment industry, especially in that era, lived freely and flirtatiously.

It was indeed easy for some men to lose control.

It was also because of this extravagance that the entire entertainment industry became synonymous with the dirty industry rules that everyone spoke about.

Su Bei shook her head inwardly and put away her phone.

No matter what this circle was like, it was enough for her to remain true to her initial goals.

She returned to her hotel room and began to study the script.

Neither Sheng Xiaotang nor Jia Shiyun published news articles about their meeting with Camilan.

They were afraid that Su Bei would step on this and expand her popularity.

Sheng Xiaotang waited to see what would happen.

She wanted to see what kind of posts Su Bei would publish.

Then, she would follow closely behind and find another entry point to publish the drafts she had so that she wouldnt become someone elses stepping stone.

However, Su Bei did not do anything.

On that day, Su Bei and Camilan were clearly chatting happily, but there was no news of them in the country.

Su Bei and Qiao Meis Weibo were even quieter as if nothing had happened.

Since Su Bei did not publish the content, Sheng Xiaotang had no choice but to not publish her content for the time being as well.

It was a wasted meeting for Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun.

However, in the end, they could not suppress their vanity and finally released the news.

‘International Director Camilan Meets Sheng Xiaotang And Praises Her Acting Skills.

He Intends To Invite Sheng Xiaotang To Join His New Movie.

‘Youre great! First Words Out Of Camilans Mouth When They Met.

‘An Actress From Country S Has A Bright Future, Guided By Sheng Xiaotang.

Occasionally, one or two of the articles also included Jia Shiyun, such as the headlineCamillan Meets Sheng Xiaotang And Jia Shiyun To Promote Their New Movie.

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