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After she left, she got into Lu Hetings car and said with a smile, “I said 20 minutes at most.

Did I keep my word”

“Yes.” Lu Heting gently took her hand and put it to his lips.

“Oh yes, I saw Jia Shiyun earlier.

I didnt expect her to be there.”

“Was there a young man with her”

Reminded by Lu Heting, Su Bei remembered.

“Yes, there was a man standing beside her.

He looked quite noble.

Why do you ask”

“His name is Lu Tianci.

Hes Lu Yaodes son.”

Su Bei was slightly stunned when she heard the surname.

“Lu Yaode”

“Lu Yaode is my grandfathers son.

My mothers husband—no, ex-husband.” Lu Heting left a remark for the name.

But obviously, Lu Heting never used this to define that man.

Su Bei understood.

The neon lights of the night shone through the glass windows, casting dappled shadows in the car.

He had never mentioned his father.

In the past, Su Bei had always thought that his father had passed away.

But now, from his tone, it seemed that nothing had happened to this man.

He had just done something during his marriage.

So Lu Tianci was Lu Hetings half-brother

“Heting.” Su Bei reached out and covered the back of his hand.

When Lu Heting talked about these things, it was as if he was talking about someone elses business.

He didnt care at all.

“T Country is their territory.

This is the reason why I completely disagreed with you coming over in the beginning.

Lu Tianci is not a person who has no desires.”

Su Bei understood.

It seemed that his half-brother had some tricks up his sleeve.

“I cant be around every day.

You have to be careful.”

Su Bei nodded with understanding.

As if knowing that she had a lot to ask, Lu Heting told her calmly, “Lu Yaode moved away when I was three years old, but he probably cheated on my mother before that.

After he left, he took away a lot of resources and funds from Lu Group.

Now, its very likely that he wants to take back everything from the Lu family.”

When Su Bei heard his calm tone, her heart ached inexplicably.

When he was three years old, his father cheated on his mother and left.

He even started a new family and abandoned him.

How sad would a child be

Shed always thought it was because his family was so happy that they raised him to be so unflappable.

Who knew his childhood was no better than hers

“Im fine.” Lu Heting pulled Su Bei into his arms.

His voice was clear and without any regret.

Perhaps his nature was just like Da Bao.

He had never felt that there was anything to pity about losing someone he didnt care about.

As long as someone who cared was around, everything was enough.

Su Bei buried her head in his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat.

At that moment, she didnt know whether to be glad or sorry.

He and Da Bao shared the same temperament.

He would protect himself to the best of his ability from the messy emotions of the outside world and put himself in a relatively safe environment.

After thinking about this, Su Bei thought of Jia Shiyun.

In that case, Jia Shiyun had signed a contract with the new company and was being nurtured by Lu Tianci not because of her own abilities but because she was someone Di Xing did not want.

It seemed that Lu Tianci really wanted to compete with Lu Heting.

It was funny.

Jia Shiyun had become a pawn, but she was still smug about it.

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