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In the film industry, Su Bei was just a newbie.

Therefore, in front of Su Bei, Sheng Xiaotang was still a senior.

However, she did not expect Su Bei to take the initiative to walk in her direction with a warm smile on her face.

Sheng Xiaotang thought to herself that since Su Bei was trying to be nice, she might as well give her some face and show some magnanimity.

Maybe she could help Mr.

Lu dig out something from Di Xing

At this thought, she stood still and waited for Su Bei to come over.

When Su Bei was about to reach Sheng Xiaotang, she reached out her hand.

Sheng Xiaotang was still a little hesitant to be so friendly with Su Bei.

Camilan had already walked past Sheng Xiaotang and reached out to Su Bei, shaking her hand.

“Director Camilan,” Su Bei greeted him with a smile.

Although this was the first time they had met, Director Guo had been worried about them.

Hence, he pulled some strings for them to get to know each other.

In particular, Director Guo and Camilan seemed to be very familiar with each other.

Director Guo had praised Su Bei many times in front of Camilan.

Although they had only just met, the two of them were already very familiar with each other.

Camilan didnt put on airs in front of the others.

He was polite and proper.

But in front of Su Bei, he seemed even more relaxed.

Sheng Xiaotang looked embarrassed for a moment.

Obviously, Su Bei had come over so enthusiastically just now because of Camilan, not her.

However, Sheng Xiaotang did not expect Su Bei to be so familiar with Camilan.

This made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Even she had to go through Lu Tiancis introduction before she could talk to Camilan.

How could Su Bei do that

A reporter stepped forward to take photos of Su Bei and Camillan.

Sheng Xiaotangs fingers tightened around the red wine glass.

She said to Jia Shiyun, “Dont post the drafts.”

Not to mention Jia Shiyun, there was no way she was going to post any news about her with Camilan.

Jia Shiyun knew what was going on.

Seeing how close Su Bei and Camilan were, it was obvious that Su Bei knew Camilan better.

If she and Sheng Xiaotang went to post some articles about their relationship with Camilan and how Camilan liked their acting skills, Su Beis news would immediately follow.

At that time, she and Sheng Xiaotang would not get a single cent out of it.

They would even be compared to Su Bei and become her stepping stones.

“Okay, Miss Sheng,” Jia Shiyun said, her heart sinking.

She glanced at Sheng Xiaotang.

Clearly, Sheng Xiaotang was not in a better mood than her.

Su Bei and Camilan chatted happily.

Many directors came up to greet them, and Camilan introduced Su Bei to them.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun, who were at the side, were suddenly reduced to a foil.

Even Lu Tiancis limelight seemed to be overshadowed.

Su Bei didnt stay long.

She quickly raised her glass and smiled.

“Everyone, please excuse me.”

“Go ahead,” everyone said with a smile.

Su Bei left as quickly as she came.

She brought nothing with her but cast a colorful light in everyones hearts.

Actually, if not for giving Camilan face, she would not have come to the banquet tonight.

She would rather stay in the hotel room with Lu Heting.

After she went out, the banquet returned to normal, but her appearance had made everyones hearts unable to recover.

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