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If she could get close to Camilan, wouldnt she be able to do whatever she wanted with the press release

Lu Tianci said, “No matter what, lets meet the higher-ups first.

Prepare well tonight.”

After Lu Tianci left, she called Jia Shiyun and said, “Dont say that Im not helping you.

Tonights opportunity is very good.

Ill bring you along.”

“Thank you, Miss Sheng.” Jia Shiyun immediately thanked her.

She naturally knew how precious the opportunity was.

However, she also knew that she could not snatch Sheng Xiaotangs opportunity, so when she chose her clothes, she deliberately chose something simpler than Sheng Xiaotangs.

She was used to being high and mighty in Di Xing Media Company.

Back then, she was unwilling to see her sidekick dress better than her when she wore beautiful clothes, so she was very experienced in this.

Sheng Xiaotang was very satisfied with Jia Shiyuns knowledge, but she also knew that Lu Tianci wanted to see Jia Shiyun appear.

She did not know what was going on, but she knew that Lu Tianci was also a member of the Lu family of Lu Group.

She knew that Lu Tianci did not get along with Di Xing Media, which was why he took Jia Shiyun over from Di Xing Media.

He wanted to make Jia Shiyun famous and teach Di Xing a lesson.

Sheng Xiaotang had seen Lu Tianci with his parents before.

His father was the former head of the Lu family, Lu Yaode.

It was not good for Sheng Xiaotang to inquire too much about the Lu familys matters.

Moreover, these secrets were mostly rumors in the outside world.

It was very difficult to know the truth.

However, Sheng Xiaotang placed all her hopes on Lu Tianci.

He was a true member of Lu Group and a member of the Lu family.

She had even managed to pick a backer whom the outsiders did not know about.

Sheng Xiaotang did not care about the current head of the Lu family or Mr.


Therefore, since Lu Tianci wanted to go against Di Xing, she naturally had to help support Jia Shiyun.

“Perform well,” Sheng Xiaotang said.

He looked at Jia Shiyun like she was a chess piece.

The people coming and going were all celebrities and famous directors of T Countrys film industry.

Although T Countrys development could not compare to S Countrys in any aspect, and the development of film and television in T Country rarely went out of the country, with the integration of the world economy, the cooperation between S Country and T Country had increased sharply.

Working with T Country could obtain a lot of tax and policy support.

Therefore, a lot of capital in S Country had begun to enter T Countrys market as those people intended to take a share of the pie.

Therefore, the current T Country could be considered to be a big figure in film and television.

Sheng Xiaotang took Lu Tiancis arm and entered the venue.

Jia Shiyun followed behind them.

It was obvious that Lu Tianci was very familiar with everything here.

Wherever he passed, many people greeted him respectfully.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun were also holding glasses of red wine and interacting with everything present.

Because of the language barrier, they could only smile.

Fortunately, many people in T Country had mastered English in order to adapt, so Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun could somewhat communicate with them.

Just as everyone was laughing and talking, someone suddenly said, “Camilan is here!”

“Camilan is coming over.”

They all looked toward the door and saw a middle-aged man of medium height enter.

He wore a simple mask that covered a small area of his nose and eyes.

The rest of his face was exposed.

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