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Because it was a private plane, the schedule was relatively free.

While Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun were still waiting for their luggage at the airport in T Country, Su Bei was already resting in her hotel room.

Su Bei checked into a small private hotel.

To be precise, it was a hotel owned by Lu Group.

It was usually used to receive VIPs who had business dealings with Lu Group and was not open to ordinary guests.

Its security, privacy, and service standards were all top-notch.

Not only did it have its own spa, pool, cafe, bar, and reception room, but it also had a garden.

It was like a private villa.

However, the appearance of the hotel was not eye-catching.

There was a world of difference between the inside and outside.

After looking around, Su Bei couldnt help but ask with a smile, “In that case, dont I look a little out of place with the others in the crew”

“No, the crew can stay on the other side,” Lu Heting said.

“Do you see the tall building up ahead Its open to the public.”

The place was open to the public.

It was resplendent, rich, and prosperous.

The extravagance was a little shocking, but compared to this place, it seemed less meticulous.

Outsiders would only think that Su Bei was keeping a low profile, but they would never expect that there was another world inside.

Su Bei looked at Lu Heting and smiled.

“As expected of a capitalist.

He wont give up on any profitable place.”

“Are you satisfied with what you see now” Lu Heting looked down at the woman and smiled.

Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun were staying at the place in front.

As the people supported by Tianyi Media, they naturally wouldnt let them stay in a shabby place.

Jia Shiyun used to live in a good place because of her status, but in the past few months, she had been neglected.

She cherished being able to step into such a luxurious place again.

However, Sheng Xiaotang was used to it.

She walked in in her high heels.

A young man stood opposite her.

He was suave and looked at Sheng Xiaotang with narrowed eyes.

When she came over, he reached out to take her and looked intimate.

“Shiyun, this is Mr.

Lu,” Sheng Xiaotang introduced.

Jia Shiyun hurriedly greeted him, but her heart skipped a beat.


Lu Was he from Lu Group

However, she did not ask.

After suffering the last time, she already had an instinctive fear of the Lu family and did not dare to think too much about anything uncertain.

This Mr.

Lus name was Lu Tianci.

He was very flirtatious.

He held Sheng Xiaotangs arm and walked forward.

He said, “Director Camilan will be coming to T Country tonight.

You can attend the banquet and meet him.”

Even though she did not enter the entertainment industry for wealth, Sheng Xiaotang was not immune to the nameCamilan.

She said in surprise, “Really Hes going to film a new movie”

“Thats what I heard, but he hasnt decided on the details yet.”

“If I can join Camilans movie…” Sheng Xiaotang unknowingly said what was on her mind.

“Sigh, but lets not talk about it.

Even if I can just meet him and take a photo with him, my value will double.”

Because Camilan paid special attention to the culture of S Country, his reputation in S Country was excellent.

To be able to be recognized by him guaranteed a bright future.

Not to mention Sheng Xiaotang, even Jia Shiyun, who was following behind them, could not help but have an unrealistic wish.

She fantasized about being able to chat with Camilan.

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