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Jia Shiyun never dreamed that she would have to face another dilemma just by making an announcement.

Moreover, her articles did not boost her reputation.

She was even mocked by the crowd.

What did the headline mean that Su Bei had been silent for a long time

Yes, Su Bei had indeed been appearing in public less frequently now, but Two Phoenixes was currently being shown and the box office sales for it were climbing.

How much of an advantage did Jia Shiyun have

Her advantage was that she had just signed with Tianyi Media.

As a latecomer to the industry, Tianyi Media was worlds apart in terms of the resources it could provide compared to Di Xing Media Company.

As for other aspects, how could Su Bei lose in terms of beauty In terms of loyalty to her fans, she was also at the top.

Su Beis fans almost mocked Jia Shiyun to death.

Jia Shiyun looked at the things being said about her on Weibo and clenched her fists tightly.

She had to get revenge for all of this!

Especially everything that had to do with Wang Juntang!

She had already secretly seen that Wang Juntang and Su Bei had interacted in private, so she guessed that Su Bei had something to do with her being caught by the reporters that time.

Su Bei must have done all of this!

“Wang Juntang and I werent exposed for several years before that.

Why did our relationship have to be exposed this time If it werent for Su Bei, none of this would have happened!” Jia Shiyun was afraid of the ridicule from the fans on Weibo.

However, that was nothing much.

It was the mockery that went on within the circle that embarrassed her the most.

Once she hit rock bottom, she would never be able to enjoy her former glory in the circle.

Jia Shiyuns new movie was namedWish, and it was produced by Tianyi Media.

The female lead was Sheng Xiaotang, the most popular actress in Tianyi Media.

As Tianyi Media was established in T Country, in order to save on filming costs, Wish would be filmed in T Country.

Even the crew members were made up of people from T Country due to their cheap labor costs.

On the day Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun boarded the plane, the airport was packed with fans and reporters.

After boarding the plane, Jia Shiyun carefully greeted Sheng Xiaotang.

Her tone and attitude were very respectful.

Sheng Xiaotang put down her arrogant mask and said, “You know how to conduct yourself, so why did you fall out with Di Xing over a small matter”

Jia Shiyuns expression became unnatural when she thought of Su Bei.

Sheng Xiaotang said, “Because of Su Bei”

Jia Shiyun wasnt familiar with her, so she couldnt say it directly.

She didnt know if Sheng Xiaotang had anything to do with Su Bei, so she could only say vaguely, “Some things just happened.”

Sheng Xiaotang smiled and said, “Then youre following the right person.”

Jia Shiyun was shocked.

Did Sheng Xiaotang hate Su Bei too

If that was the case, it had undoubtedly given her a boost.

Having allies in the entertainment industry was more important than anything else.

Jia Shiyun thought back carefully.

She didnt know what feud Sheng Xiaotang had with Su Bei, but she would find out eventually.

As Wish was being filmed in another country and such a big spectacle was being made out of it, it had already become popular on Weibo before filming started.

Sheng Xiaotang had many fans, so she was naturally happy to see this.

Because she had brought Jia Shiyun along, she naturally had to compare her to Su Bei.

After comparing, she realized that Su Bei hadnt done anything for a long time.

In fact, Lu Heting had arranged a private plane to send Su Bei directly to the filming location in T Country.

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