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He wanted to know which city Su Bei was going to and all the other details.

As a result, Su Bei was reluctant to leave.

The more he understood her, the more she could step into his shoes.

People who were connected to each other had unimaginable feelings for each other.

Since Camilan was the one directing the movie, he was also the one bringing in the investments.

However, because of Su Beis participation, Di Xing Media Company also invested half of the funds.

Based on Camilans low-key personality, the movie didnt even have much publicity in the early stages.

Qiao Mei printed a lot of things for Su Bei and said, “I can only accompany you for two days.

When everything stabilizes, Ill come back.

But this is a good opportunity for you.

Su Bei, I really didnt expect that I could nurture an international superstar!”

Su Bei smiled.

“I havent even started filming yet.”

At this moment, Jia Shiyun announced in a high-profile manner that she had joined a film company, Tianyi Media.

She had also signed a contract to film a movie in Thailand.

Jia Shiyuns image had collapsed, but there was not much dirt on her.

Therefore, it was not very surprising that a film company wanted her.

Moreover, it was said that this film company had powerful capital behind it and was popular in many countries.

They had signed Jia Shiyun and were going to boost her up with a lot of money.

It was said that this movie was joined by Sheng Xiaotang, the top actress of Tianyi Media.

The lineup was very powerful.

Sheng Xiaotang was a rich young lady, so she was naturally blessed in the film and television industry.

Not only did she not need to involve herself in those unspoken rules, but she also had her own resources.

This time, Jia Shiyun was able to film a new movie with Sheng Xiaotang.

In everyones opinion, this was Jia Shiyuns turnaround.

After Jia Shiyun left, she quickly poached Tian Jinnuo and brought her with her.

She came up with a series of proposals and vaguely stepped on Su Bei to get to the top.

For example, there was the headline,Su Bei has been silent for a long time.

Jia Shiyuns new movie has begun filming.

Who will be the next movie queen

‘Jia Shiyun is supported by Tianyi Media, but Su Bei is at home scratching her feet.

What unique advantages does Jia Shiyun have after leaving Di Xing Media

It seemed Jia Shiyun wished to put a ladder on Su Bei and climb to the top while trampling on her.

Su Bei was used to this and did not take it to heart.

On the other hand, Wang Juntang called to apologize on Su Beis behalf.

Only now did he know that Su Bei and Jia Shiyun were competitors.

“Im so sorry, Su Bei.

I didnt think Shiyun would do such a thing.”


Wang, are you still planning to win her back” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“No, Im not.

I just think what shes doing is so wrong that I…”

Su Bei thought to herself that with Wang Juntangs straightforward thinking, it was no wonder he was kept in the dark by Jia Shiyun for so long.

In the end, he was even broken up with.

It would be a good thing if he really gave up on her.

Su Bei smiled and asked, “Really”

“Really.” Wang Juntang was just short of swearing.

“Then you dont have to apologize for her.

Its okay.

I didnt take it to heart, so dont take it to heart either, Dr.

Wang,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Since she knew Wang Juntangs standing, Su Bei would know what to do when she met Jia Shiyun again in the future.

If Jia Shiyun bumped into her again, she would not show mercy on Wang Juntangs account.

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