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Lu Weijian looked innocent.

Why What had he done

He said in distress, “Da Bao wanted to skip a grade and enter junior high, but hes only a five-year-old child.

Why do you make it sound like the gap between me and Big Brother is hundreds of thousands of years”

It seemed that Big Brothers matter had stabilized and he would be the one suffering next.

Su Bei returned home and settled the two children down.

Seeing that Lu Heting didnt say much at night, she knew that he was still troubled by this matter.

She sat on the bed after her shower and played with her phone while surreptitiously watching him go into the shower.

He hadnt smiled much the whole time.

‘It seems the situation is a little serious.

As she was thinking, Director Guo asked on WeChat: [Su Bei, hows it going on your side Ive already asked Camilan.

He says that if you agree, you can get a free pass.

Ive already shown him a lot of your scenes.]

[I still need some time, Director Guo.] Su Bei replied.

She took a towel and went to the bathroom to wait for Lu Heting.

Even if he disagreed, she didnt want to see him lose his smile.

When Lu Heting came out, he was wearing a towel, revealing his perfect eight-pack and figure.

He was startled to see her.

Su Bei smiled softly.

“I got you a towel too.

Can we have a temporary settlement for now”

“Whats a temporary settlement” Lu Heting asked.

“Lets just put the problem aside first and dont sleep while angry.” Su Bei couldnt bear to see him depressed.

She did want to come back to that for the next few days either.

Lu Heting reached out and hugged her.

He couldnt bear to see her worried.

The second Su Beis consciousness fluttered, he whispered, “I agree.


Su Bei wanted to ask him what he agreed to, but her mind was too heavy and her body was especially tired.

Before she could confirm it with him, she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was stunned for a long time before her consciousness gradually returned.

When she opened her eyes, Lu Heting was looking at her.

She blinked.

“Honey, you said last night—”

“I said I agree.” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and smiled.

The Lu familys mansion was already a cage, so how could he bear to give her another cage

He loved her.

He had never wanted to imprison her.

He wanted to let her have her freedom.

He didnt let her go because he was afraid she would lose her protection…

Su Bei was stunned for a moment.

Clearly, Lu Hetings answer surprised her.

He had been so unwilling before, but at this moment, he smiled and said that he agreed.

“Are you happy” Lu Heting picked her up and pecked her on the lips.

“Thank you, Hubby,” Su Bei said in a muffled voice as she buried her head in his arms, knowing what kind of compromise he had made for her.

Lu Hetings heart ached.

He hugged her.

She had already suffered so much and been denied by so many people.

Letting her be free was all he could give her.

And he knew that Su Bei didnt mind anyone elses opinion.

She wasnt influenced by anyone, but she cared about him.

He needed to give her what she wanted more than he needed to bind her to his side.

After Lu Heting confirmed it, he got someone to check everything about T Country, such as the weather, policies, and all the situations that they might encounter during filming.

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