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Old Master Lu was silent for a long moment.

Lu Heting knew that he had nothing more to say.

He turned around and said, “Grandpa, Su Bei is Gun Guns biological mother.”

“What did you say” Old Master Lu was shocked.

“I mean, Da Bao and Gun Gun are twins,” Lu Heting said.

“Gun Gun only looks younger than Da Bao because of his illness.”

Old Master Lu sat back heavily in his chair.

This time, he really had no reason not to accept Su Bei.

His two favorite babies were both given birth by Su Bei.

Who would have the heart to separate them

Lu Heting came downstairs and picked up Gun Gun.

Holding Da Baos hand, he said, “Were leaving.

Say goodbye to Great-grandma.”

“Goodbye, Great-grandma.”

“Goodbye, Great-grandma.”

Old Madam Lu was reluctant.

She stood up and held Da Baos hand.

“When are you coming again”

Lu Heting lowered his eyes, and Gun Gun said obediently, “Very soon, Great-grandma.

Well miss you.”

Old Madam Lu looked at Gun Gun.

“Gun Gun, youre a good child.”

She thought to herself that the cute Gun Gun was more obedient.

It wasnt that she didnt dote on Da Bao, but Da Bao looked too cold.

Although she knew very well that his coldness was a replica of Lu Heting, she couldnt help but secretly think that it was because of Su Bei.

After the four of them left, Old Madam Lu couldnt help but say, “Sigh, Da Bao grew up with Su Bei.

His personality is too cold.

I think Gun Gun knows how to be more affectionate.

It can be seen that Gun Gun took after his biological mother…”

Old Master Lu was already downstairs.

When he heard her words, he said, “Dont say such things again in the future.

Su Bei is also the birth mother of Gun Gun.”

“Huh” Old Madam Lu did not react for a moment.

“Heting said it himself.

It cant be fake.” Old Master Lu had already called Lu Weijian.

The evidence would arrive soon.

Sure enough, while Old Madam Lu was still in shock, Lu Weijian had already rushed over and brought back the DNA evidence and information.

After Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu finished reading it, they were extremely emotional.

Only now did they understand that Da Bao and Gun Gun were twins!

So what was the point of them opposing Su Bei

They couldnt let two good children give up their birth mother to accept a stepmother, could they

Previously, with Liao Xintong, everyone thought that she was related to Gun Gun by blood.

However, no one was more important than Su Bei now.

Lu Weijian also knew what they were thinking.

He hurriedly said, “Grandpa, Grandma, dont worry about Big Brother.

His family of four is living very well.

If you cant accept their family, youll be estranged from him.

Why bother”

Old Madam Lu looked at Old Master Lu deeply.

Lu Weijian continued, “Anyway, my brother is smiling more than before.

You dont want to see him go back to how he was then, do you”

Old Master Lu sighed.

He also understood that the matter had already been decided.

No matter what, they could only acknowledge Su Bei.

He looked at Lu Weijian and asked, “What about you When do you plan to bring your girlfriend home Look at your brother.

His child is already in junior high school.

What about you What are you doing Have you made any progress Come back for a meal with the girl from the Zhou family this weekend.

Thats settled.”

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