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However, the pursuit of her career and life had taught Su Bei that such a good script and director could only be chanced upon by luck, especially when it came to working with Camilan.

Even internationally renowned big-name actors might not encounter such opportunities often.

So, she had to keep talking, “If I shoot it, Ill have to go to T Country.

The shooting will take about three or four months.”

As expected, Lu Heting frowned, and a deep look flashed across his eyes.

“T Country is a tropical country.

The security there isnt too good either.”

“I know.” How could Su Bei not know The last time she went there, many of the people she traveled with had fallen ill.

Some of them had had their phones and wallets stolen.

Lu Heting had always supported Su Beis career, but he couldnt let her go to dangerous places.

“Su Bei, I cant let you go there.”

Su Beis face darkened a little.

“Ill protect myself,” she said in a low voice.

“The opportunity to work with Director Camilan is really rare.”

However, Lu Heting did not agree readily like before.

His brows furrowed.

Hed never known her to be a free bird, and hed never been willing to imprison her or break her wings.

But he couldnt let her fly off into danger without doing something about it.

Su Bei eased the atmosphere.

“Shall we go eat first”

Lu Heting looked at the time and said, “Okay.”

During the meal, the atmosphere was not as harmonious as before.

It was rare for them to have a disagreement.

This was a problem that they had never encountered before.

Each had their own reasons.

Knowing that neither of them would be able to convince the other for the time being and that saying too much would affect the others mood, they tacitly avoided the subject.

After dinner, Lu Heting drove back to the Lu familys mansion with Su Bei to pick up Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Seeing that the two munchkins were about to leave, Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu couldnt bear to part with them.

Old Madam Lu asked the butler to bring out dessert and asked Su Bei to stay for supper.

This meant that they could have more time with the two munchkins.

“Heting, come with me to the study.” Old Master Lu stood up and called Lu Heting upstairs.

Old Master Lus study was on the second floor of the mansion.

It was filled with old-fashioned bookcases.

The place was richly ornamented and old-fashioned.

There were a lot of old and out-of-print books on display.

It was quaint.

It matched the aura of the entire mansion.

“Heting, do you remember that you grew up here when you were young” Old Master Lu said emotionally.

Lu Heting glanced at the entire study.

From the window, he could see the tree he had planted in the backyard when he was young.

He nodded and said, “Of course, I remember.”

“Then why dont you move back in” Old Master Lu said.

“Let Da Bao and Gun Gun do what you did when you were young.”

Ever since Mrs.

Lu turned herself in and left, Lu Weijian rarely came back.

The entire Lu familys mansion was so empty that the two elderly felt gloomy.

They also thought that the two children would be able to enjoy themselves here.

Lu Hetings heart skipped a beat.

“We wont move back until you acknowledge Su Bei.”

“You!” Old Master Lu was furious, but he knew in his heart that he had not completely acknowledged Su Bei.

“Grandpa, you know very well that this place is a cage for Su Bei,” Lu Heting said calmly.

“I love her and want to give her freedom.”

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