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Otherwise, if the reporters caught her, it would cause a huge commotion.

Su Bei had to protect the two munchkins, so it was better to keep a low profile.

Because she had already appeared on the top floor the last time, Lu Hang had made arrangements.

As long as the people there saw Su Bei coming over, they would directly let her in regardless of whether she was in mens or womens clothes.

Therefore, this time, Su Bei reached the top floor without any obstructions.

When he reached the top floor, Lu Hang came out with a document.

His vision blurred, and he saw a figure.

“Mister…” Lu Hang immediately changed his words.

“Miss Su, are you here to look for Mr.



Is he busy If he is, Ill just wait.”

Lu Heting was meeting two senior executives to discuss something.

Under such circumstances, he was naturally busy.

If it were anyone else, they wouldnt have been able to see him.

But who was Su Bei Lu Hang had long known that no matter what the situation was, Su Bei had special privileges.

Therefore, he immediately smiled and said, “Mr.

Lu isnt busy.

Ill bring you over now.”

Hearing that he was not busy, Su Bei followed him in peace.

Lu Hang arrived at Lu Hetings office and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Lu Heting said coldly.

Lu Hang brought Su Bei in and said, “Mr.


There was no need to finish the rest of his sentence.

Lu Heting understood.

The higher-ups found it strange that someone was allowed to disturb Lu Heting when he was discussing something.

Lu Hang directly brought a young man in

The young man didnt look like someone important.

He didnt look like he had anything important to do here…

They turned to look at Lu Heting and saw a smile on his cold lips.

The two senior executives immediately felt a chill in their hearts.

It was as if they had discovered something extraordinary.

They immediately lowered their heads as if they were afraid that they had found out a secret.

Then, they heard Lu Hetings voice above their heads.

“Lets settle on this first.

Give me a detailed plan later.”

The two senior executives tactfully took their leave, not daring to look up at Su Bei again.

Lu Hang also left with the two higher-ups.

“Why are you so free” Lu Heting was happy that Su Bei took the initiative to visit him.

Speaking of which, Su Bei rarely came here.

This was only the second time.

Su Bei looked tall and thin in front of others, but in front of Lu Heting, she was not tall enough.

She had to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him.

Lu Heting closed his eyes in pleasure and placed his long fingers on her waist.

“I came to pick you up for dinner tonight.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were both picked up by Grandpa and Grandma.”

Lu Heting smiled.

“Then Ill get Lu Hang to arrange it tomorrow.”

Seeing his expression, Su Bei was a little nervous.

If Lu Heting found out that she was trying so hard to please him, how disappointed would he be

Therefore, it was better to say it now.

“Well, Heting… I have something to tell you.”

Seeing that she was serious, Lu Heting stopped smiling.

“Okay, go ahead.”

“Director Guo recommended a script to me.

The plot is very good, and Im a little tempted.

But if I film it…” Su Bei couldnt say it under his doting gaze.

The better he was, the more she couldnt take advantage of his kindness.

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