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After reading the script, Su Beis eyes were completely wet.

As a woman and as a mother, she knew the weight of the story well.

The wordmother carried far too much.

Su Bei immediately gave Director Guo a call.

“Director Guo, Im willing to accept this script.”

“Su Bei, I knew youd be willing.

However, the subject matter is relatively heavy.

Therell be a lot of criticism when it comes out.

Also, because of the subject matter, it might not be filmed in S Country.

Well choose a place with a legal environment similar to the script,” Director Guo said.

“Just like those previous detective movies.

Because of the subject matter, they set the background in T Country, the United States, or H Country.”

Su Bei nodded.

“I understand.

Which country will we most likely shoot in”

“T Country,” Director Guo said.

“Itll take about three or four months.

And Im not the one filming, but I can tell you that youll definitely benefit a lot from working with this director!”

“Who is it” she asked, intrigued.

Su Bei was pleasantly surprised.

Camilan was currently the most famous genius director in the world.

His works had never been limited to a certain theme but were constantly innovative.

The subjects he was currently involved in included history, conspiracy, Western fantasy, games, womens rights, and the protection of childrens rights.

Although he was European, he was fascinated and well-versed in the history of S Country.

He spoke the language fluently and had always been advocating for womens and childrens rights.

Presumably, the script of Mother had moved him.

It was also because he had seen the harm domestic violence could do to women, as well as the forbearance of women in Country S.

Hence, he personally wanted to participate in it to contribute to womens rights in the country.

“Camilan!” Su Bei repeated the name.

She didnt need any further introduction from Director Guo to understand the weight of the film.

This might not be a box office dark horse.

It might not be liked by many people, but it would definitely leave a place in film history.

It would make a strong mark for womens rights.

Su Bei calculated.

T Country was not close to S Country, but fortunately, it was much closer than America.

Before agreeing, she needed to discuss it with Lu Heting.

Director Guo also knew that she had a man by her side.

Before she made a decision, she needed to discuss it with him.

Director Guo Guos heart ached.

Such a good woman and a natural actress had been seduced by such a brat.

She even had to think twice before making a decision.

Unfortunately, Director Guo was not familiar with that brat.

Otherwise, he would have called him and told him not to hog Su Bei.

Sitting in his office, Lu Heting felt the tips of his ears heating up.

He subconsciously touched them.

He had no idea that Director Guo was talking about him.

Su Bei also knew that it was not easy to convince Lu Heting.

After all, the last time she filmed Boxer, she had only gone to the suburbs but Lu Heting was already very reluctant.

Not to mention going straight to T Country this time.

Hence, she simply changed her clothes and went to Lu Groups building.

Naturally, she came in mens clothes this time too.

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