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This script was calledMother.

It spoke of a mothers life.

This mothers name was Shirley.

She was originally an ordinary and cowardly woman.

After she married her husband, she vaguely had the feeling that her husband had killed many people.

This was because although her husband looked gentle and refined on the surface, he was very ruthless in private.

He would punch someone if there was a disagreement.

Why did outsiders have that impression of him It was because hed deal with anyone who dared question him.

The rest were naturally all people who had a good impression of him.

The woman had called the police, but her husband claimed that she was suffering from an illness.

With her husband being so eloquent, she, who was not good with words, was treated like a monster.

Instead, it was her husband who maintained a sanctimonious facade.

Everyone trusted him.

Plus there was no evidence to prove it.

Nobody believed Shirley.

She was taken home where she was subjected to her husbands persistent beatings.

She was also forced by him to kill their own son.

In doing so, she became a criminal.

That way, her husband would not have to worry about her wanting to turn him in.

A dozen years later, her husband was arrested and jailed after the scandal broke.

As a result, Shirley became an accomplice and had to accept the corresponding punishment.

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However, during the joint investigation by the lawyers and the police, it was discovered that Shirley was not a bad person.

She was not involved in any of the things her husband did.

The only one she was involved in was the murder of their son.

The police found no evidence that Shirleys son was murdered.

If they could prove that her son was still alive, Shirley could be acquitted.

However, during the repeated questioning by the police, Shirley claimed that her son had been killed.

She was willing to take any responsibility.

The story was about a policewoman and a lawyer.

During the investigation, the bleak but determined life of Shirley was shown.

Just as Shirley was about to be executed, they finally found evidence through Shirleys various personal belongings.

They discovered that Shirley had long since given her son away for adoption.

However, in order not to let her deranged husband find out, she pretended that she had personally caused her sons death.

Even now, when her son was an adult, she kept that secret to keep him physically and mentally safe so that he would never know what kind of parents he had.

It was because she knew full well that her husband had long since lost his humanity.

If he knew that their son was still alive and that she had betrayed him, then her sons life would be in danger.

And if their son knew about these things, it would definitely haunt him for the rest of his life.

She pleaded with the policewoman and the lawyer to keep the secret forever because all her life, there had only been darkness.

She wanted to leave all the light to her son.

Even if she had to watch him grow up healthy and happy in another family, she would accept it.

Because, as a mother, that was the only thing she could do for her son.

The script explored not only crime but also womens place in the family and the suffering they had to endure when subjected to domestic violence.

Uneducated women with little ability to protect themselves often suffered a lifetime of pain.

However, the script made all the situations more extreme to discuss this problem and to appeal to the progress of the entire society.

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