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By the time she was done watching, there were tears in the corners of her eyes, and they had turned moist.

“Everyone is right.

Its really great,” Lu Heting said softly and kissed her tear stains.

Su Bei looked up and took the initiative to kiss him.

Perhaps it was because he had become a substitute when they filmed the kiss scene, her feelings when watching the movie were even hotter and more passionate as though she thought of the character as this man whom she loved the most.

Lu Heting lowered his head and let her kiss him passionately.

Two Phoenixes box office sales kept rising.

It quickly caught up with Boxers box office results in the same period and even surpassed Boxers records.

Despite the fact that many people criticized it as a movie targeted at the masses, it was undeniable that many viewers appreciated this kind of storytelling.

The audiences preferences were diverse.

They could accept anything as long as it was a good movie.

But in any case, a good story was indeed the easiest for them to accept.

In terms of artistic merit, Two Phoenixes couldnt compete with Boxer.

But in the minds of fans and the general public, they loved the characters in Two Phoenixes more.

And they loved the main couple in it too.

Lin Yu was far away in the United States and had been tagged by his fans countless times.

[I worship this pairing!]

[I had shipped them long ago.

With the release of Two Phoenixes, my long-cherished wish has been fulfilled.

I can die without regrets!]

[But Ni Huang actually jumped off the cliff to commit suicide.

The love line has actually changed.

I strongly request for Two Phoenixes 2!]

However, it was precisely because Su Beis character, Ni Huang, and Lin Yus character, Zhan Han, did not end up together in the movie that the two of them became the target of many people.

On various websites, there were countless edited videos that saw them with a happy ending.

Lu Heting saw these videos on the internet.

This time, he was not as jealous.

The main reason was that in every video, there would be the kissing scene between Ni Huang and Zhan Han from various angles.

Lu Heting knew that this kiss was between Su Bei and him, not Lin Yu.

Hence, Lu Heting was very satisfied.

No matter how many such videos were edited, he would just watch them and not do anything else.

As the head of Lu Corporation, everyone thought that he handled international affairs in the office, controlled the global economy, and guided new developments in the economy.

On the surface, he was a business elite and was respected by everyone.

Unexpectedly, he was just a man in love in private.

In the top-floor office of the huge Lu Corporation, he was browsing through Ni Huang and Zhan Hans content on the computer.

He was being shipped with Su Bei during the day and got to sleep with the very same woman at night.

Tsk tsk tsk, he was undoubtedly a winner in life!

With this momentum, Two Phoenixes maintained its high box office sales.

In just a few days, their box office sales had already exceeded one billion yuan.

At the current rate, it would not be a problem for it to steadily make it to three billion yuan.

They had made a fortune in every way.

Su Bei received a call from Director Guo.

He was smiling on the phone.

“Su Bei, do you want to see my new script”

At the moment, Director Guos commercial value was also higher.

He was also wholeheartedly supporting his beloved helper, Su Bei.

There were a lot of good scripts in her hands so far, but she hadnt seen anything suitable for herself.

She didnt mind working with Director Guo again.

Soon, she received the script from Director Guo.

She opened it and read it.

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