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Chapter 111: Chapter111 Chartered Plane

Su Bei was taken aback for a while.

Qiu Minxuan took out the contract and waved it in front of her.

She also saw Su Huixian smiling behind Qiu Minxuan.

Du Luo glanced at her apologetically, but she didnt look at him at all.

Instead, she looked at Lv Shan and asked, “Lv Shan, whats going on Are we still going”

“Jin Xiu always chooses two brand ambassadors.

Since they have already chosen one, there is still one opportunity left,” Lv Shan said frankly.

“Believe me, Su Bei.”

“Well, all right.

Ive decided to accept you as my agent, so I wont doubt you,” Su Bei said.

“Lets go get our boarding pass then.”

Qiu Minxuan also got their boarding pass and went to pick up Su Huixian and Du Luo.

Then they walked towards the boarding gate together.

Thinking that she would have to stay on the same plane with them for more than ten hours, Su Bei felt a little uncomfortable.

But she calmed herself down.

She was about to go with Lv Shan when a tall figure with a suitcase suddenly appeared in front of her.

It was Lu Heting.

He was wearing a suit that didnt show any brand, and it made him a standout among the crowd.

He walked straight towards Su Bei and Lv Shan.

Surprised, Lv Shan asked, “Su Bei, who is he”

Lu Heting had always kept a low profile.

So even in his industry, not many people knew what he really looked like, let alone an outsider like Lv Shan.

“Oh, this is Lu Heting, my husband.” Now that they had met, it was no longer necessary to hide his identity from Lv Shan, so Su Bei immediately introduced him to her.

Lv Shan wanted to remind Su Bei about the rule that artists should report their marriage to the company and to their agent.

But Su Bei seemed to have read her mind, so she said, “We got married five years ago.

I didnt mean to hide it from you, but I think theres no need to publicize it.”

Lv Shan understood.

Since it was something that happened before Su Bei came to the company, she couldnt interfere.

She greeted Lu Heting and found that he had a much stronger aura compared to ordinary people.

She also felt that he was keeping a low profile deliberately.

He was like those who had been in high positions for a long time.

However, Lv Shan quickly dispelled this idea in her mind.

If Lu Heting was really as powerful as he looked, why did Su Bei have to work so hard in the entertainment industry Why would she especially go to the United States now to audition for Jin Xius brand ambassador

“Lv Shan and I are about to board the plane.

Are you on a business trip” Su Bei said.

“Well, yes.

To the United States.”

“What a coincidence.” Su Bei raised her wrist, looked at her watch, and asked, “Will you be on the same flight with me”

“No,” Lu Heting denied.

Su Bei didnt know why, but she somehow felt disappointed.

Lu Heting reached out his hand, took her suitcase, and said, “My boss chartered a plane, and Im going there to help him.

There are many vacant seats on the plane, so Ive told my boss that I will take you with me.

Su Bei knew that many drivers worked as assistants, and they were the most trusted employees of their bosses.

“If thats the case, then I wont refuse.” She really didnt want to be on the same plane with Su Huixian and Du Luo.

She didnt want to see them show off their love.

Seeing that Su Bei agreed, Lv Shan followed her.

With Lu Heting on the lead, they boarded a large passenger plane.

The spacious cabin was luxuriously decorated.

In the huge cabin, there were only a few dozens of seats.

And if these seats were put down, they would become beds as comfortable as the luxury Simmons.

Row upon row of red wines were displayed with professional equipment.

There was also a fridge that contained various kinds of food.

Indeed, Lu Group was wealthy.

Su Bei couldnt help but feel amazed.


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